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Pedro Neves: 05:21

Read "05:21" reviewed by Jim Trageser

It is what it sounds like: West Coast jazz. It's probably worth pointing out, though, that the music found on Pedro Neves' sophomore album comes from the west coast of Portugal, not the United States.

You'd never guess that this is Iberian jazz, though, just from listening to it. There's no trace of fado--that ...

Michael Lauren All Stars: Once Upon A Time In Portugal

Read "Once Upon A Time In Portugal" reviewed by Mark Sullivan

Drummer/educator Michael Lauren moved from New York City in 2003 to become the Professor of Drum Set studies at the Escola Superior de Música, Artes e Espectáculo (ESMAE) in Porto, Portugal. He formed his All Star band with some of Portugal's best jazz musicians to continue performing the hard bop he loves. Almost everyone contributes a ...

Hugo Carvalhais: Grand Valis

Read "Grand Valis" reviewed by Neri Pollastri

Hugo Carvalhais, trentottenne contrabbassista di Oporto presenta il suo terzo disco (nel primo, Nebulosa, sempre per la Clean Feed, era presente Tim Berne) con una formazione assai particolare: al suo fianco, infatti, il tastierista Gabriel Pinto, impiegato soprattutto all'organo, e il violinista Dominique Pifarély, oltre a Jeremiah Cymerman all'elettronica.

Come testimoniato già dai titoli ...

Hugo Carvalhais: Grand Valis

Read "Grand Valis" reviewed by Jakob Baekgaard

What happens when modern composition meets jazz in a science fiction universe? The answer is Grand Valis by Portuguese bassist and composer Hugo Carvalhais.

Carvalhais tackles the great universal questions of meaning in a musical language. Titles like “Exegesis," “Logos" and “Decoding Maya" point towards the philosophical nature of the music. Carvalhais plays ...


Oporto Guitarist Mané Fernandes Releases "Boucelab"

Oporto Guitarist Mané Fernandes Releases "Boucelab"

Mané Fernandes is a young guitarist from Oporto, Portugal, and has just recorded his debut album as a leader—BounceLab. This project came up during the final stage of Mané's degree in ESMAE (Oporto), which was granted a 20/20 in his final recital. There are two sides of his project BounceLab: one of improvised music, mainly influenced by jazz ...


Miguel Angelo: Branco

Read "Branco" reviewed by Ian Patterson

Portuguese bassist/composer Miguel Ângelo has been much in demand on the Porto jazz scene since graduating in Double Bass and Jazz from the School of Music and Performing Arts in 2008. His collaborations have been numerous and he has guested on five recordings since 2012. Branco, his debut as leader, showcases Ângelo's writing skills as much ...


Pãodemónio Releases Debut Album

Pãodemónio Releases Debut Album

Pãodemónio's debut album introduces the band's powerful, groovy, technical, dynamic and fresh sound, developed since the foundation of this group in mid-2013 as a result of an intense work and experiment with various timbric and textural sonic possibilities, arrangement structures and musical ideas. Along this 45-minute journey, Pirraças Pueris takes the listener through different grooves, moods, colors and dynamics in a very personal ...

André Fernandes: Wonder Wheel

Read "Wonder Wheel" reviewed by Chris Mosey

André Fernandes, guitarist with the Orquestra Jazz De Matosinhos, one of Portugal's most dynamic big bands, is an accomplished musician and was obviously hoping for great things with this one. He commissioned Maria Bouza Pinto, an artist who is the epitome of “ le cool Lisboa“ to design the cover. And he recruited Ines Sousa from ...

Cine Qua Non: Cine Qua Non

Read "Cine Qua Non" reviewed by Chris Mosey

Sine qua non is a Latin term meaning something absolutely needed, or essential. This Portuguese quartet is exactly that in terms of bringing melody and accessibility back to the fore in European jazz. However, their name is mis-spelt because accordionist Joao Paulo Esteves da Silva says their music “alludes to the cinema."

With ...

Orquestra Jazz De Matosinhos: Jazz Composers Forum

Read "Jazz Composers Forum" reviewed by Chris Mosey

In 1937 Duke Ellington's recipe for big band jazz was: “It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing." Count Basie later added a caveat defining swing as something “you can really pat your foot by."

Times sure have changed. Portugal's Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos commissioned pieces by eight modern composers ...