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Steve Swell: Kanreki: Reflection & Renewal

Read "Kanreki: Reflection & Renewal" reviewed by John Sharpe

To mark his sixtieth birthday (December 6, 2014), trombonist Steve Swell, long the pre-eminent trombonist on the NYC free jazz scene, invokes the Japanese custom of Kanreki. Although it is said to signal both a rebirth and a handing on of responsibilities, Swell shows no signs of allowing the occasion to inhibit his ambition. Over the ...


Jonathan Orland Debuts with "Homes"

Born and raised in Paris, Jonathan Orland started playing music during his childhood, starting with piano and clarinet. He got interested in Jazz in his early teenage years, and started learning by himself the saxophone before taking lessons with Thomas Savy, Tom Buckner and André Villégier and Antoine Daurès. Then he passed his music studies diploma in ...


JB Floyd - Thomas Buckner - George Marsh: In Crossing the Busy Street

Read "In Crossing the Busy Street" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Ecco una dimostrazione lampante che la creatività non ha limiti di età, non riconosce confini fra i generi musicali e non deve necessariamente perseguire un linguaggio ostico e sperimentale. I tre protagonisti sono piuttosto attempati e spesso in passato le loro esperienze si sono incrociate. Il pianista JB Floyd costituisce il perno di due diversi sodalizi: nei primi otto ...