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Documenting Jazz 2019

Read "Documenting Jazz 2019" reviewed by Ian Patterson

Documenting Jazz
Conservatory of Music and Drama
TU Dublin
jny: Dublin, Ireland
January 17-19, 2019

Jazz music, which has pretty much always meant different things to different people, has been comprehensively documented since its arrival in the first decades of the twentieth century.

The most obvious form ...


This Week On Riverwalk Jazz: West Coast Classic Jazz In Concert

This Week On Riverwalk Jazz: West Coast Classic Jazz In Concert

They called their music “The Truth"—real, righteous Traditional Jazz. By the early 1940s, its champions were the powerful West Coast brassmen Turk Murphy and Lu Watters. Disciples of “The Real Stuff" themselves, The Jim Cullum Jazz Band presents their concert tribute to The West Coast Classic Jazz Revival at the Stanford Jazz Festival in California, this week ...


Amalgam: Wipeout

Read "Wipeout" reviewed by Marc Medwin

Here's a three-disc set of performances by Amalgam, saxophonist Trevor Watts' legendary jazz-funk free improv group from the '70s. These nine tracks were recorded on a late 1979 tour and originally released in 1980 in a four-LP box on Impetus. At that time, they had to be cut up, due to the LP's time constraints, but ...