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Satoko Fujii / Ramon Lopez: Confluence

Read "Confluence" reviewed by Karl Ackermann

Satoko Fujii's duo recordings are among her most interesting projects. Those one-on-one situations bring out creative energy in the improviser that becomes perpetual movement between musicians. The shape-shifting artist has worked this magic with Australian pianist Alister Spence, bassist Joe Fonda, violinists Mark Feldman and Carla Kihlstedt, and Fujii's husband, trumpeter Natsuki Tamura. Similarly, Fujii's work ...


Wayne Horvitz: Those Who Remain

Read "Those Who Remain" reviewed by Mario Calvitti

Conosciuto principalmente per le sue partecipazioni a vari progetti di John Zorn (in particolare nel gruppo Naked City), le collaborazioni con Bill Frisell, Bobby Previte e altri, e i gruppi da lui guidati come Zony Mash (e la versione acustica Sweeter Than the Day), Pigpen e Presidents, il tastierista Wayne Horvitz può vantare anche una intensa, ...


Big in Japan, Part 3: Satoko Fujii’s Year of Living Dangerously

Read "Big in Japan, Part 3: Satoko Fujii’s Year of Living Dangerously" reviewed by Karl Ackermann

In the first two parts of this series we looked at the origins of jazz in Japan and its adherence to the American style of composing, arranging and playing. Though jazz has been popular in Japan from the earliest days, it was--as in the United States--hardly met with unanimous approval in a country that prized classical ...


Rova Channeling Coltrane: Electric Ascension

Read "Electric Ascension" reviewed by John Sharpe

John Coltrane's Ascension (Impulse, 1965) stands as a seminal moment in the development of modern jazz, presenting structured large group improvisation which renounced both the form and content of almost all previous models. It was never performed live, and this was one of the facts which initially captured the attention of the now venerable ROVA Saxophone ...


Satoko Fujii / Joe Fonda with Natsuki Tamura: Duet

Read "Duet" reviewed by Karl Ackermann

Two of creative music's most inventive forces come together on Duet. Musical restiveness is at the core of pianist/accordionist and composer Satoko Fujii. With a catalogue three-score deep, she has covered formations from large orchestra to solo where the common denominator is her wide and daring exploration of improvisational spaces. Her adroit aptitude for moving through--and ...


George Hurd: Navigation Without Numbers

Read "Navigation Without Numbers" reviewed by Karl Ackermann

jny: San Francisco-based composer George Hurd doesn't subscribe to any of the monolithic definitions around musical categories. In his own creative process he incorporates classical chamber music, home-grown electronics and acoustic instrumentation. Performed by the rotation of players making up his namesake ensemble, his debut album, Navigation Without Numbers, presents us with eleven Hurd original compositions ...


Ben Goldberg: Orphic Machine

Read "Orphic Machine" reviewed by Alberto Bazzurro

Un nonetto pieno zeppo di musicisti di prima grandezza si pone al servizio della musica di Ben Goldberg, nello specifico integrata dai testi di Allen Grossman cantati da Carla Kihlstedt. La componente corale, il disegno complessivo, appaiono da subito centrali nel lavoro, che si svolge di conseguenza attorno a parametri estetico-espressivi ben delineati, che si espandono ...


Satoko Fujii Tobira: Yamiyo Ni Karasu

Read "Yamiyo Ni Karasu" reviewed by Karl Ackermann

If ever there were a restless musical spirit, it would be pianist, composer (and occasional accordionist) Satoko Fujii. The Japanese artist has issued more than sixty recordings in settings from solo to full orchestra and most everything in between. While she demonstrates virtuosic straight-ahead balladry on occasion, her preference has long leaned toward unorthodox improvisation. Fujii ...


NEC Jazz & Contemporary Improvisation Faculty Spotlight Monday, January 28

NEC Jazz & Contemporary Improvisation Faculty Spotlight Monday, January 28

Performances by Ran Blake, Norm Zocher, Eden MacAdam-Somer, Jerry Leake, Linda Chase, Ben Schwendener, Bert Seager, Amir Milstein, Rabbit Rabbit with Carla Kihlstedt Plus Rare Trio Performance with Cecil McBee, Bob Moses and special guest Dave Liebman "New England Conservatory’s jazz faculty distinguish themselves in a lot of ways but most of all because they maintain full time ...


Eyal Hareuveni's Best Releases of 2012

Read "Eyal Hareuveni's Best Releases of 2012" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

A list of some of the new releases that enriched life in 2012. In no particular order...

Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet

Walk, Love, Sleep

Smalltown Superjazz

A long time ago I lost count of how many albums I have by Peter Brötzmann. Or how many I still want ...