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Florencia Gonzalez: Between Loves

Read "Between Loves" reviewed by Hrayr Attarian

On her second album as a leader, the sumptuous and intimate Between Loves, Montevideo born and New York based saxophonist Florencia Gonzalez elegantly merges a refreshingly innovative spontaneity and a mesmerizing Latin romanticism. The result is a thematically cohesive and multi-textured release that crackles with boppish energy as it draws on motifs from her native culture.


Florencia Gonzalez: Between Loves

Read "Between Loves" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Uruguay-born, New York-based tenor saxophonist Florencia Gonzalez wrote the material that appears on this album during her first years in the United States. That time period found her focusing on narrowing geographical and artistic divides, creating music that exists between worlds.

Gonzalez's debut album--Woman Dreaming Of Escape (Self Produced, 2012)--found her working out her ...


Dave Brubeck: Small Groups, Large Stature

Read "Dave Brubeck: Small Groups, Large Stature" reviewed by Jack Bowers

Dave Brubeck wasn't really a big-band kinda guy; in fact, he was seldom seen in groups larger than four or five. On the other hand, he was an extraordinary musician, one whose influence will no doubt be felt for generations to come. Brubeck, who remained active almost to the end of his life, died December 5 ...


Florencia Gonzalez Big Band CD Release

Florencia Gonzalez Big Band CD Release

Described by the Boston Phoenix as “recalling the best of Mingus, Monk and Gil Evans...” Florencia Gonzalez Big Band has been together since 2007; playing regularly at the Lily Pad every other Thursday, and was selected last year one of the best 5 jazz bands in Boston. Being originally from Uruguay, her music infuses jazz and classical music ...