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Los Angeles Jazz Institute Festival - Woodchopper's Ball: Part 1-4

Read "Los Angeles Jazz Institute Festival - Woodchopper's Ball: Part 1-4" reviewed by Simon Pilbrow

Los Angeles Jazz Institute Festival “Woodchoppers' Ball"
Four Points by Sheraton at LAX
Los Angeles, CA
May 23-27, 2018

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

The Los Angeles Jazz Institute (LAJI), under Ken Poston, has continued for some thirty years to ...

Time Check: A Paucity of Riches?

Read "Time Check: A Paucity of Riches?" reviewed by Jack Bowers

On May 18, Betty and I flew to Los Angeles to attend Time Check: A Buddy Rich Alumni Reunion, a four-day panorama sponsored by the L.A. Jazz Institute and held at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel, about a stone's throw or two from the LAX airport. We arrived early afternoon so we could also be present for ...


Zappa and Jazz: Did it Really Smell Funny, Frank?

Read "Zappa and Jazz: Did it Really Smell Funny, Frank?" reviewed by Geoffrey Wills

The following is an excerpt from “Chapter 2: Early Encounters with Jazz" of Zappa and Jazz: Did it Really Smell Funny, Frank? by Geoffrey Wills (Matador, 2015).

When, at the age of fourteen, Zappa entered Mission Bay High School in jny: San Diego in 1955, his first exposure to the elitist snobbery of ...


Anton Fig: Behind the Band Stand, Part 1

Read "Anton Fig: Behind the Band Stand, Part 1" reviewed by Ben Scholz

Part 1 | Part 2

It's around 3 o'clock in early January, that melancholy time of year where the day perpetually feels like 7 pm. We're standing on West 53rd Street between Broadway and 8th Avenue around the corner from the entrance to The Ed Sullivan Theater. A light haze of snow is falling ...


Charlie Harrington Signs With Power Wristbuilders

Charlie Harrington Signs With Power Wristbuilders

Award-Winning Acclaimed Artist, Charlie Harrington, has signed with POWER Wrist Builders. Charlie, an in demand session player with a well-established reputation as a first call drummer, is proud to endorse the fine quality products offered by POWER Wrist Builders. POWER Wrist Builders began operations in 1990 by the creator and designer, Terry A. Loose. POWER Wrist Builders ...


Interview: Ed Shaughnessy (PT. 2)

Interview: Ed Shaughnessy (PT. 2)

Few kickoffs by a drummer are as signature as Ed Shaughnessy's start to Johnny's Theme, the Paul Anka song that the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson used each night. As a kid growing up, I associated the sound of Ed's drums at the start of the theme as the official end of a child's day and ...


Interview: Ed Shaughnessy (PT. 1)

Interview: Ed Shaughnessy (PT. 1)

Drummer Ed Shaughenssy has pretty much seen it all. He played with Charlie Parker and many other beboppers in the late 1940s and early '50s. He was in Charlie Ventura's band at the famed Pasadena Concert in 1949. In the '50s, he recorded with Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Tony Bennett, Chris Connor, Teddy Charles, ...


Rick Drumm: Seizing the Day

Read "Rick Drumm: Seizing the Day" reviewed by Ian Patterson

It's good to have dreams, but it's even better to follow them, to see them take shape before your eyes and to live them. Rick Drumm has lived more than one dream. Three years as drummer with NORAD, the North American Air Defense Band, was followed by two years drumming in the famous Ringling Bros. and ...


Marching to a Jazz Tempo

Read "Marching to a Jazz Tempo" reviewed by Jack Bowers

March came in like a lion in Albuquerque with no less than four blue-chip jazz concerts in the first five days, three of which I attended, passing on the first (the Charlie Christian Project featuring guitarist Michael Anthony and trumpeter Bobby Shew at The Outpost Performance Space) because Betty and I had seen basically the same ...


Introducing Booker Little

Read "Introducing Booker Little" reviewed by Robert Levin

[Editor's Note: This article first appeared in Jazz & Pop Magazine, 1970. Little died in 1961, just a few months after this interview was originally published in Metronome]

Booker Little, twenty-three year-old composer, arranger and trumpet player (the order is arbitrary, each role has equal importance to him), has lately come to demonstrate, in recordings ...