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Wilson Huggett Project: Field of Hope

Read "Field of Hope" reviewed by Jeff Dayton-Johnson

Five years after Max Roach Park (Jazz Direct, 2006), UK/South African bassist Dan Wilson and drummer Mark Huggett return with a multinational, multidimensional offering that continues and improves upon the strong suits of their earlier disc.

On the one hand, there is a focus on establishing moods, often undergirded by deep and pleasing grooves; this ...


Textural Jazz

Read "Textural Jazz" reviewed by Mark Huggett

Artistic and sensitive jazz.

TrackNameTimeArtistAlbum1Toledo7:32Avishai CohenAt Home2Folk Song For Rosie8:41Paul Motian TrioAt The Village Vanguard3Loving Without Asking8:0Brian BladeBrian Blade Fellowship4Common Fields8:38Wolfert Brederode QuartetCurrents5Scarabee5:53Wolfert Brederode QuartetCurrents6Oddfelt7:56AlasnoaxisDogs Of Great Indifference7Harmsoft1:37AlasnoaxisDogs Of Great Indifference8Sand9:18Enrico RavaEasy Living9Continuum4:28Jaco PastoriusInvitation10New York 20072:46Marcin Wasilewski, Slawomir Kurkiewicz, Michal MiskiewiczJanuary11Believe Beleft Below4:51Esbjörn Svensson TrioSeven Days Of Falling12Merciful 21:13Nils Petter MolværSolid Ether13A-i-a9:43Barre PhillipsThree ...


James Tartaglia's Free Funk Assembly: Dark Metaphysic

Read "Dark Metaphysic" reviewed by Jeff Dayton-Johnson

Thanks, as ever, to Google, it's possible to say with near certainty that British saxophonist James Tartaglia, leader of this electric funk-jazz ensemble, is the same person as Keele University lecturer in philosophy James Tartaglia, which raises an interesting question: what is the link between philosophy and funk?

This is not the first time the ...


Max Roach Park CD Nominated for Best Jazz CD of the Year at the South African Music Awards

Max Roach Park CD Nominated for Best Jazz CD of the Year at the South African Music Awards

Musketeer Records is best known for working with rock bands like Seether and Fevertree but The Dan Wilson Mark Huggett Project sent the label a CD that was too good to ignore. Max Roach Park is a fascinating World Music/Jazz album that has seen the record label dive into unfamiliar territory and surface smiling. The Dan ...


Dan Wilson / Mark Huggett Project: Max Roach Park

Read "Max Roach Park" reviewed by Jeff Dayton-Johnson

Too few musical groups call themselves “projects"; perhaps they fear unwarranted comparison with the Alan Parsons Project (you know, “I Am The Eye In The Sky"). As indeed they should.

Some groups nevertheless really are projects, which is to say, not necessarily long-term relationships but rather short to medium-term agglomerations of talent, with ...