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A Jazz Lover's guide to Popular Music

Read "A Jazz Lover's guide to Popular Music" reviewed by Ludovico Granvassu

This week we explore the cross pollination between jazz and popular music genres, like pop, rock, soul, funk and ska.

Archie Shepp playing with Whitney Houston? The jazz beginnings of Björk, Serge Gainsbourg, Sacha Distel? Ornette Coleman's and Sonny Rollins' adventures in rock-land? Lester Bowie playing ska? How Miles Davis' “So What" inspired Pee ...


Sacha Distel: Guitarist-Singer

Sacha Distel: Guitarist-Singer

French and Belgian jazz musicians from the 1950s aren't given nearly as much credit in the U.S. as they deserve. The same is true for British jazz musicians. Ask most Americans to name their favorite European jazz artists from the period and they'll likely run dry after a handful—usually Toots Thielemans, Tubby Hayes, Bobby Jaspar, Martial ...