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Melvin Sparks: Live at Nectar’s

Read "Live at Nectar’s" reviewed by Joe Gatto

A cool thing about music is that when you follow a band for a long time, you eventually get turned on to the music that influenced them. You get to hear all kinds of exciting new music, and start digging deep, going down groovy rabbit holes to discover great musicians you might not find on your ...


Telmo Fernandez / Phil Wilkinson / Caspar St Charles: The Soul Jazz Beat Vol. 2

Read "The Soul Jazz Beat Vol. 2" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

The Telmo Fernández Organ Trio has already been on the soul jazz beat--as the title of The Soul Jazz Beat Vol. 2 makes clear. The Soul Jazz Beat Vol. 1 (Free Code Jazz Records, 2015) was delightful, Vol. 2 carries on in the same vein, this time giving each individual musician a name credit.

For ...


Leon Spencer Jr. (1945-2012)

Leon Spencer Jr. (1945-2012)

Leon Spencer Jr., one of the most melodically funky organists during Prestige's Hammond B-3 era in the early 1970s and whose voicings and guitar-like touch on the instrument provided a powdery groove behind lead horn players, died on March 11. He was 66 and lived in Houston. Spencer's recording career began in 1968 but didn't become significant ...