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Babel Label Releases "Indigo Kid"

A young musician these days will often form a band with his or her musician friends and peers but miss out on an important old jazz tradition, that of learning from your seniors on the bandstand. Not so the upcoming young guitarist Dan Messore. As with another Babel artist and drummer Seb Rochford who chose the ...


Jay Rowe: Red Hot and Smooth

Read "Red Hot and Smooth" reviewed by Paul Lewis

This is smooth jazz; but those who fear Kenny G need not worry; these tunes are all originals and expressed with original style. However, purists beware. This album jumps but in spots gets lazy, like taking a hit off a bong. Jay Rowe's style is very intense, full of rich chords and finger-work ...


The Earl MacDonald 6: Echoes In The Night

Read "Echoes In The Night" reviewed by Paul Lewis

"There's gold in them there hills!... One could say this about Echoes In The Night, the debut album from the Earl MacDonald 6. The work was recorded in the hills of Storrs, on the University of Connecticut campus. That's where the “country ends and the sophistication begins. The sound and style of this album is totally ...


Roz Corral: Telling Tales

Read "Telling Tales" reviewed by Paul Lewis

Post-bop and vocal fans both have a reason to check out Roz Corral's debut album, Telling Tales, an impeccable presentation of a seasoned, confident voice singing well-written, enjoyable tunes with a swingin', modernist combo. Arranger, singer, and musicians alike rarely give such attention to lyrics. This is the beauty of Telling Tales. The album ...


Tony Allen: I Remember Front Street

Read "I Remember Front Street" reviewed by Paul Lewis

Tom Brokaw describes the subjects of his latest book, The Greatest Generation as enjoying tremendous popularity. And there's a “best-kept secret" swing album that one could consider a tribute to that generation.Tony Allen (a.k.a. Tony “Hooks" DeDominicus) has been singing for 50 years. Amazingly, at 76, his breezy, delightful timbre which at once evokes ...


Danny Barrett: Indian Summer

Read "Indian Summer" reviewed by Paul Lewis

One can visualize Kenny Davis, Billy Drummond, Brian Murphy, and Dave Valentin milling around a studio preparing to accompany a singer of renown, the label executives murmuring amongst themselves and with the conductor in the booth. Then the vocalist arrives, and beautiful music is made and duly recorded. The difference about “Indian Summer is ...


Diane Linscott: You Must Believe In Spring

Read "You Must Believe In Spring" reviewed by Paul Lewis

This album awakens with the confident, multi-faceted voice of Diane Linscott swinging “I Got The Sun In The Morning? in a voice you could momentarily mistake for a young Lena Horne. Momentarily, though, because Linscott's voice, lovely pronunciation, and restrained use of dynamic changes are all her own. Listeners longing for something avant-garde or seriously stylized ...


Queen Latifah: The Dana Owens Album

Read "The Dana Owens Album" reviewed by Paul Lewis

With this opus Queen Latifah sets aside her rap “crown" for a jewel-encrusted jazz-pop tiara. Tiara?! Yes, a tiara she deserves for the melodic, nostalgic opus she decided to label with her given name: The Dana Owens Album. The artist is notorious for feminist controversy, but the only thing controversial about this album is Latifah's hard ...


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