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Rik Wright's Fundamental Forces: Green

Read "Green" reviewed by Jack Gold-Molina

Rik Wright is a Seattle based guitarist inclined toward the styles of the fusion-esque rock of Andy Summers and John Abercrombie as much as the post bop stylings of Miles Davis and Charles Mingus. On this album, as with his previous two outings, he teams up with reeds and flautist James DeJoie, acoustic bassist Geoff Harper, ...


More Jazz in the Sands: The 11th Porthcawl International Jazz Festival

the 11th Porthcawl International Jazz Festival will take place on the 13, 14 and 15 April. The major players include The John Miller Orchestra, The Pasadena Roof Orchestra, The Capital City Jazz Orchestra, Michael Janisch and the New York Standards Quartet, The B D Lenz Trio, The Nik Turner Quartet, The Gabrielle Ducomble Quartet, Wonderbrass, the Cottle Brothers Generations and ...


Hank Roberts: Green

Read "Green" reviewed by Mark F. Turner

Hank Roberts' Green probably has nothing to do with going “green" (the trendy cultural buzzword for being ecologically aware). But it does offer music that has the environmental aura of expansive open plains, ruralesque backdrops, and majestic mountainscapes within a distinct, rustic and avant-garde music setting.

A world class cellist who could easily excel ...


David Sills: Green

Read "Green" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

With tenor saxophonist David Sills, three big “s" words come to mind: Swinging, soulful, and...surfing?"

Check out the cover photo on his Green CD. You might think it a re-release of a forgotten Chantays--of “Pipeline" fame--album from 1963. The guy on the surfboard--David Sills himself--is cutting into a bottom turn on a clean, overhead steel ...