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February Birthdays and Snooky @100

Read "February Birthdays and Snooky @100" reviewed by Marc Cohn

It's the monthly jazz birthdays edition of Gift and Messages, direct from our turntables and CD players in mid-city Baton Rouge to you! We salute the late trumpeter Snooky Young on his 100th birthday with one of the rare recordings under his own name, the out-of-print Horn of Plenty. Great listening, along with tenor birthday madness ...


Top Ten Jazz Songs To Listen To While Watching Basketball

Read "Top Ten Jazz Songs To Listen To While Watching Basketball" reviewed by Ken Hohman

Don't let the annoying jibber-jabber of announcers or a deluge of car commercials wreck your game. Turn the sound down and listen to these ten great jazz tracks as you watch your favorite NBA or college team keep the ball alive, jump on the fast break and drive it to the hoop. Basketball was made for ...


Washington, D.C. Reclaims its Role as a Jazz Destination

Read "Washington, D.C. Reclaims its Role as a Jazz Destination" reviewed by Jazz Beyond Borders

Oxygen for the Ears: Living Jazz Oxygen for the Ears is a 2012 award-winning documentary film depicting the vibrancy of the jazz scene in the nation's capital. Made in three years by German-born astrophysicist Stefan Immler, the 94-minute documentary shows the city's key role in the past, present and future of jazz and is gaining attention ...


Kenny Barron and Ron Carter Awarded for Lifetime Contributions to Jazz

The DC Jazz Festival (DCJF) will present its annual Lifetime Achievement Award to two of the world’s most renowned jazz artists, Kenny Barron and Ron Carter, at its 8th annual Festival, held June 1-10. Each year the DCJF honors jazz greats for their indelible lifetime contributions to jazz and humanity. Past awardees include Jimmy Heath, Eddie ...


DC Jazz Festival Receives NEA Jazz Masters Live Grant

The DC Jazz Festival (DCJF) today announced that it has been awarded a National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Jazz Masters Live grant for the fifth year. The DCJF was one of 12 non-profits selected to receive a total of $135,000 in funding.

NEA Jazz Masters Live grants help bring legendary musicians, writers, producers and scholars ...


Bill Cosby: If You Could Hear It, You'd Smile

Read "Bill Cosby: If You Could Hear It, You'd Smile" reviewed by Victor L. Schermer

Bill Cosby is a gentle giant, and not just physically. He is a powerhouse of energy and achievement. He's best known as a standup comedian non pareil. Moreover, his TV shows, such as The Cosby Show, have topped the ratings for many years, and he uses them as a way to promote racial reconciliation and disseminate ...


Buck Hill: Relax

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Il tenor-sassofonista Buck Hill incarna la tipica figura di musicician’s musician: artista stimato dai suoi colleghi, ma poco noto al grande pubblico. Pochi sono i suoi CD. Per apprezzarne il sound corposo e granuloso, che trae spunto dai grandi modelli del jazz classico in quanto al timbro. E dopo le produzioni di mainstream degli anni ’90 per la Steeplechase, ...


Buck Hill

Read "Buck Hill" reviewed by Elliott Simon

Our nation's capitol once had a vibrant and creative jazz scene centered on and around U Street. Home to the fabled Howard Theatre, one of the first African-American venues to feature major jazz talent, the U Street area boasted many clubs and an innovative landscape that rivaled any city in the country. The place during the ...


Buck Hill: Relax

Read "Relax" reviewed by Michael P. Gladstone

The return of tenor saxohonist Buck Hill as a leader has taken more than fifteen years. His storied career in the Washington, DC area is relatively well known. Deciding to stay at home and retain his “day job" as a postal carrier, Hill sacrified a future in jazz which surely would have taken him to a ...


Buck Hill: Relax

Read "Relax" reviewed by Ken Hohman

Most times, our exposure to jazz musicians is limited to those who are lucky enough to play jazz as a full-time gig, whether they're supported by a major label, an academic institution or a rich uncle with a love for jazz. Tenor saxophonist Buck Hill, a working-class jazz musician, was never anyone's charity case. Like his ...