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Leon Redbone and Lawrence Leathers

Read "Leon Redbone and Lawrence Leathers" reviewed by Joe Dimino

From the veteran vibes Chuck Redd we rocket into this week's episode of Neon Jazz. From there, we peer into the influences into Chuck's life with cats like Charlie Byrd and Count Basie. We take a good look into the life and music of Paul Serrato and Ashley Pezzotti and pay respects to a couple of ...


Paul Serrato’s AlterNations Implodes Musical Ideas

Paul Serrato’s AlterNations Implodes Musical Ideas

Paul Serrato's AlterNations Implodes Musical Ideas Lushly evocative jazz tracks show composer's depths. Omaha, Neb.—New Yorkers who wonder where Paul Serrato has gone and are worried that his music has left the city need not worry. Serrato has relocated Graffiti Productions to his hometown Omaha, Nebraska, and one of the first things he's doing is to release his ...


Paul Serrato & Co.: Excursions

Read "Excursions" reviewed by Jerry D'Souza

All the music on Paul Serrato's latest excursion is original, except for the Miles Davis tune “Nardis." While the pianist brings in Latin and Brazilian rhythms to add flavour, he navigates mainly in the mainstream and brings along a tidy band to help him along. They get off to a fine start as “Transversal" lights a ...