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Joe and the Meanderthals: Open The Gate And Flood The Valley

Read "Open The Gate And Flood The Valley" reviewed by Jerry D'Souza

Reedman Joe Albano makes quite an impact with a debut recording where improvised music is seasoned with rock, heavy metal, classical music and jazz. The mix could have been intemperate, but Albano fertilizes it with his sense of invention and forward movement. The result is energetic and imaginative, with a touch of whimsy for added measure.


Take Five With Joe Albano

Read "Take Five With Joe Albano" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Meet Joe Albano:

Joe Albano, a native of Boston, MA, began his instrumental studies at 14 with local hometown hero, saxophonist Ray DeNice. Quickly gravitating to the saxophone, and ignoring all logic and reason, he attended the Berklee College of Music in Sept of 2000. He graduated in 2005 and holds a B.A. in Professional ...