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Woody Herman: Blue Flame - Portrait Of A Legend

Read "Woody Herman: Blue Flame - Portrait Of A Legend" reviewed by Edward Blanco

Woody Herman

Blue Flame--Portrait Of A Legand

Jazzed Media


Born on May 16, 1913, Woodrow Charles “Woody" Herman is the subject of this feature-length documentary, produced by Jazzed Media's Graham Carter in association with Al Julian's The Woody Herman Society in recognition of the clarinetist, saxophonist, singer, bandleader and American ...

Caution: Brief Column Ahead...

Read "Caution: Brief Column Ahead..." reviewed by Jack Bowers

This may be one of the shortest columns I've written in fourteen-plus years at All About Jazz. The fact is, not much has happened this month in our little corner of big band jazz, and there is almost nothing to report. About all we can do is look forward to events on the horizon: Jazz Under ...


Interview: Dick Hafer (Part 3)

Interview: Dick Hafer (Part 3)

After tenor saxophonist Dick Hafer left Woody Herman's band in 1955, he spent eight years recording top-shelf albums as a sideman on other musicians' dates. From 1964 on, Dick played in the orchestras of Broadway musicals and television shows. What's interesting about his 1956-63 period is that all of the albums all terrific. Not a dud among ...


Interview: Dick Hafer (Part 2)

Interview: Dick Hafer (Part 2)

When you speak with tenor saxophonist Dick Hafer, you notice that his voice is as cool and easy-going as his horn. It's a gentle voice, a voice that has a mellifluous sound that makes you want to keep him talking just to hear it. Because his voice putsyou at ease. Like many tenor saxophonists who came ...


Interview: Dick Hafer (Part 1)

Interview: Dick Hafer (Part 1)

Starting in the late 1940s, Dick Hafer (pronounced HAY-fer)was one of the finest big-band tenor saxophonists and soloists. Dick's sound rested somewhere between Lester Young's smooth linear delivery and Wardell Gray's eely bop attack. [Pictured: Dick Hafer in Woody Herman's 1952 band] As a result, Dick wound up in the sax sections of some of the finest bands ...


Salute to Stan Kenton: Artistry in Contrast

Read "Salute to Stan Kenton: Artistry in Contrast" reviewed by Jack Bowers

Artistry in Rhythm, the Ken Poston / Los Angeles Jazz Institute's 2009 homage to the renowned bandleader Stan Kenton, was held October 8-11 at the Sheraton LAX Four Points Hotel. As always, there was much to see, hear and admire: films, panel discussions, special presentations and, last but not least, no fewer than nineteen concerts by ...

Jack Nimitz: Baritone-in-Chief

Read "Jack Nimitz: Baritone-in-Chief" reviewed by Jack Bowers

Baritone saxophonist Jack Nimitz died June 10, 2009 at his home in Studio City, California. He was 79 years old. That's hardly headline news except to a relative handful of jazz enthusiasts who were privileged to hear and appreciate his consummate artistry over the span of more than half a century when Nimitz was at the ...