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Barry Altschul's 3dom Factor: Tales of the Unforeseen

Read "Tales of the Unforeseen" reviewed by John Sharpe

Veteran drummer Barry Altschul has enjoyed something of a late career resurgence over the last decade. Work with co-operatives such as the FAB Trio, as well as with trombonists Steve Swell and Roswell Rudd presaged his first leadership date for a quarter of a century in 3dom Factor (TUM Records, 2013). That trio with bassist Joe ...


Meet Maxim Micheliov

Read "Meet Maxim Micheliov" reviewed by AAJ Staff

I currently live in: Vilnius, Lithuania

I joined All About Jazz in: 2010

What made you decide to contribute to All About Jazz? My professional background is in web marketing, and I connected with Michael Ricci through Chris Rich, who encouraged me to submit my first article “Howard Riley: Five ...


Barry Altschul: The 3dom Factor

Read "The 3dom Factor" reviewed by Troy Collins

Drummer Barry Altschul is widely revered for his innovative work during the 1970s with the all-star quartet Circle and as a member of the influential trios of pianist Paul Bley and multi-instrumentalist Sam Rivers. Despite his avant-garde credentials, Altschul's purview also included sideman work with traditional jazz artists, including saxophonists Sonny Criss, Lee Konitz and Art ...

FAB Trio: History of Jazz in Reverse

Read "History of Jazz in Reverse" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

History of Jazz in Reverse si può considerare l'ultimo disco di Billy Bang, ucciso nell'aprile dell'anno scorso da un tumore al polmone. Dopo Leroy Jenkins, Billy Bang è stato il principale violinista del movimento free e negli anni Sessanta fu protagonista di una significativa vicenda umana: dopo la drammatica esperienza militare in Vietnam riuscì a rinascere con forza ...

FAB Trio: History of Jazz In Reverse

Read "History of Jazz In Reverse" reviewed by Raul d'Gama Rose

The air is full of a dark menace at the opening movements of Billy Bang's violin in “Homeward Bound," suggesting that music of overwhelming sadness will follow. However, all of this soon dissipates as bassist Joe Fonda and drummer Barry Altschul--and Bang as well--guide the music from turmoil and grave fear, loathing and gloom to the ...


Troy Collins' Best Releases of 2011

Read "Troy Collins' Best Releases of 2011" reviewed by Troy Collins

Compiling end of the year lists is never easy. Considering the quantity of recordings issued during a year, attempting to mention every noteworthy session would result in a list of epic proportions. These few albums are a cross-section of some of the best modern jazz released in 2011, highlighting sophisticated new developments in composition and improvisation--from ...


FAB Trio: History of Jazz in Reverse

Read "History of Jazz in Reverse" reviewed by Nic Jones

A trio consisting of violin, bass and drums might seem a little thin, but violinist Billy Bang, bassist Joe Fonda and drummer Barry Altschul know a thing or two about this music and their collective effort on this disc combines elements of the intellectual and the physical. The result is, perhaps unsurprisingly, music which appeals in ...


FAB Trio: History of Jazz in Reverse

Read "History of Jazz in Reverse" reviewed by Jerry D'Souza

It is a travesty of fate--and of the American jazz establishment--that violinist Billy Bang never received the recognition he merited. Hosannas have been sung to him, many of them after he died, but the fact remains that he was kept on the periphery despite an admirable body of work. His virtuosity can be witnessed on recordings ...


Fab Trio with Billy Bang - History of Jazz in Reverse (2011)

Billy Bang left us six months ago, but we're not quite done with new additions to his catalog. TUM Records, the Finland-based label who last year brought us the last Bang-led record released in his lifetime, will on October 25 free up a recording he did in late 2005 with the FAB Trio. The FAB Trio wasn't ...


FAB Trio: History of Jazz In Reverse

Read "History of Jazz In Reverse" reviewed by Dave Wayne

Jazz violin, for some, is an acquired taste. Perhaps this has more to do with the instrument's dominant role in Western classical music, more than anything else, but there's something very naked and vocal about the sound of a violin--much like the saxophone, it calls forth all sorts of intense emotions. Billy Bang, who died in ...