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2019 Providencia International Jazz Festival

Read "2019 Providencia International Jazz Festival" reviewed by Pablo Reyes

In just two days, the Festival Internacional de Jazz de Providencia met the expectations of the public. The eighteenth edition of this event, held in the Sculpture Park of Providencia, Chile, was produced by its new director and a Chilean drummer with a long career, Alejandro Espinoza. Unlike in previous years, Espinoza developed a program emphasizing ...


Buenos Aires Jazz.15 International Festival

Read "Buenos Aires Jazz.15 International Festival" reviewed by Mark Holston

Buenos Aires Jazz.15 International Festival
Buenos Aires, Argentina
November 10-15, 2015

Imagine opening the pages of a major daily newspaper, turning to the Op-Ed section and seeing, prominently placed amidst the usual commentaries on politics and international crises, a tome to the recently deceased jazz singer and composer Mark Murphy. Sound like ...


Jazz In Buenos Aires: Fresh Breezes From The South

Read "Jazz In Buenos Aires: Fresh Breezes From The South" reviewed by Mark Holston

Galería Apolo is one of many 1950s-style shopping arcades that flank Avenida Corrientes, the gaudy, pedestrian-packed “Broadway" of Argentina's cosmopolitan and bustling capital city. A dimly lit galería, it's the kind of one-stop-shopping destination where tiny specialty shops sell everything from comic books to costume jewelry and a visitor can get a watch repaired or satisfy ...


6th Festival Internacional de Jazz de Barquisimeto

From October 1st till October 9th the most important International Jazz Festival will be celebrated. Barquisimeto will become the Jazz capital of Venezuela for the 6th consecutive year. This event will bring together leading exponents from the local and international music scene on various galas, concerts, conferences, lectures and jam sessions. The Opening Concert will be Saturday October 1st ...


Adrian Iaies Trio: A Child's Smile

Read "A Child's Smile" reviewed by Raul d'Gama Rose

On A Child's Smile, Adrian Iaies sheds the Argentinean persona that occasionally shrouds his music. Here the pianist has become a complete, swaggering, swinging entity, and one who melds his mentors--Hank Jones, Tommy Flanagan, Wynton Kelly, Red Garland and principally Bill Evans--into an entirely new entity. The result is a brooding artist who looks deep within ...


Buenos Aires Jazz Festival 2009: Growing Into a Tradition

Read "Buenos Aires Jazz Festival 2009: Growing Into a Tradition" reviewed by R.J. DeLuke

Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival '09, Part 1
December 3-8, 2009
In the land of the tango, Argentina--specifically the stylish city of Buenos Aires--there is a movement afoot to bring great jazz to the land, expand the audience for the music, and increase public exposure for the growing number of outstanding jazz musicians in ...

Accordion/Bandoneon Threefer: Emilio Solla, Adrian Iaies & Damian Nisenson

Read "Accordion/Bandoneon Threefer: Emilio Solla, Adrian Iaies & Damian Nisenson" reviewed by Marcia Hillman

Emilio Solla

Conversas (Al Lado Del Agua)

Fresh Sound World Jazz


Adrian Iaies Trio + Michael Zisman

Vals De La 81st & Columbus



Damian Nisenson

+3 In Concert

Malasartes Musique


Adrian Iaies Trio: Las Tardecitas de Minton's

Read "Las Tardecitas de Minton's" reviewed by David Rickert

About 35 years ago America was invaded by the bossa nova craze, and suddenly every jazz musician recorded at least one bossa nova album to capitalize on its popularity. Some were exceptional and some were awful; perhaps the best part was that guitarists and conga players suddenly had plenty of gigs. Although the bossa nova fetish ...