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Madis Muul Hextet: Characters

Read "Characters" reviewed by Peter Hoetjes

When cast in the light of antiquity, jazz is typically seen as vintage rather than retro. Yet in the case of Estonian pianist and composer Madis Muul, the latter would seem more apropos. In addition to featuring a full band, Characters is also privy to his adeptness with “old-school" synthesizers, flavoring the album with a touch ...


Roulette, Brooklyn - Grand Opening Events

Roulette, Brooklyn - Grand Opening Events

September 15-18, 2011 A Four Night Grand Opening Celebration Roulette—one of New York City's premiere venues for experimental music for over 33 years—reopens bigger and better than ever. Located in a newly renovated 1920s Art Deco concert hall in Downtown Brooklyn, the new Roulette features two levels of seating for up ...


Various: Latin Party

Read "Latin Party" reviewed by Jerry D'Souza

The appeal of Latin music can be witnessed in the inroads it has made, not only into other genres, but also into different cultures. Testimony comes on this recording. Besides South American countries like Colombia, Cuba and Mexico, the performers are drawn from the UK, France and the USA who assimilate the rhythms and come up ...


Various: Magic Moments 4: Jazz Is Cool

Read "Magic Moments 4: Jazz Is Cool" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Germany's ACT Music is an innovative and adventurous label with an international roster that includes some genuinely cutting-edge musicians including Vijay Iyer and Dan Berglund's Tonbruket. Magic Moments 4: Jazz Is Cool is the fourth in ACT's sampler series and a great place to begin exploring the music it has to offer.

The ...


Various: Rhythm & Blues

Read "Rhythm & Blues" reviewed by Jerry D'Souza

Putumayo World Music has gone across a wide spectrum in picking songs for its look at Rhythm & Blues. The American presence is strongly manifested, but artists from England, including a band that has a singer from Panama, show the wide influence of the music. Vintage singers strut their stuff and new acolytes blend styles while ...

Brubeck / Mingus / Davis: Columbia 50th Anniversary Releases

Read "Brubeck / Mingus /  Davis: Columbia 50th Anniversary Releases" reviewed by David Rickert

These three CDs are flagship releases from the Columbia catalog (remember those old blue Columbia Jazz Masterpieces editions?) and it's worth contemplating how fertile and varied a jazz scene existed in the late 1950s when you look as these albums as a trio, and perhaps throw in trumpeter Miles Davis' Kind Of Blue (Columbia, 1959) as ...


Various: The Influence of Bix Beiderbecke - Vol. One (USA)/ Vol. Two (Europe)

Read "The Influence of Bix Beiderbecke - Vol. One (USA)/ Vol. Two (Europe)" reviewed by Michael Steinman

Cornetist Bix Beiderbecke, perhaps jazz's most mythic figure, continues to receive much deserved attention. This beautifully-documented CD set, full of rarities, shows how deeply Beiderbecke affected musicians in the United States and Europe before his death in 1931.

The first disc offers tributes by well-known players (Red Nichols, Manny Klein, Sterling Bose and ...


Instant Karma: Amnesty International's Campaign To Save Darfur

Read "Instant Karma: Amnesty International's Campaign To Save Darfur" reviewed by Woodrow Wilkins

Various Artists
Instant Karma: Amnesty International's Campaign To Save Darfur
Warner Bros.

Humanitarian efforts have long been an element of popular music. Band Aid, Farm Aid and a plethora of relief concerts have shown the compassionate side of artists. Now, a host of performers have come together to raise ...


Various: New Orleans Brass

Read "New Orleans Brass" reviewed by Jerry D'Souza

Marching bands are an integral part of New Orleans. Where would a parade be without one, or for that matter a funeral? No matter what the role is, they bring in a special magic and joy.

Music evolves as it imbibes and imbues other genres. Marching bands were no exception, as they pulled in ...


Various: Live - Jazz Legends

Read "Live - Jazz Legends" reviewed by Martin Gladu

Despite the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's conservative jazz radio programming, one would be hard-pressed to extirpate negative comments from musicians about the behemoth, as all have come to respect its continued presence and assistance maintaining an appreciative national audience. Indeed, true to its mission statement, the multi-platform state-owned network has always proactively fostered domestic talent, providing artists ...