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Particle: Accelerator

Read "Accelerator" reviewed by Doug Collette

Contrary to prevailing popular opinion, electr(on)ic keyboards are not just for noodling in ever-so-cheesy, toy-like tones. In the hands of the titular leader of Particle, keyboardist/vocalist Steve Molitz, for instance, those instruments are lethal weapons with which, on the group's first album in fourteen years, he sets out to destroy preconceptions about what righteous creations can ...


Daniel Biro: 120 Onetwenty

Read "120 Onetwenty" reviewed by Jim Olin

Great music is all about passion, and this is definitely the fundamental ingredient behind Daniel Biro's heartfelt new release, 120 Onetwenty. This amazing music project really blurs the lines between a wide variety of styles, including ambient, instrumental experimental composition, jazz, and a lot more. Biro is proceeding forward while simultaneously looking to the past. His ...


Musica sulle Bocche 2017

Read "Musica sulle Bocche 2017" reviewed by Mario Calvitti

Musica sulle Bocche 2017
Santa Teresa Gallura

Giunto quest'anno alla sua diciassettesima edizione, il festival “Musica sulle bocche" che si svolge ogni anno alla fine dell'estate in Gallura sulle Bocche di Bonifacio, lo stretto di mare che separa la Sardegna dalla Corsica, è il più giovane degli appuntamenti musicali jazzistici ...


33rd Edition of Festival International de Jazz de Montréal

Once again, it is clear that quality and diversity will reign supreme at the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal presented by TD in collaboration with Rio Tinto Alcan, as we prepare to celebrate a 33rd edition. Fans can already start filling in their summer calendars with some of the greatest names on Planet Jazz, discover ...


Tangerine Dream - Live in America 1992 (2011)

Tangerine Dream—or as they were known, back when I was in school: The guys who did the weird music for the “Risky Business" soundtrack—had gotten significantly less weird by this point. Founding member Edgar Froese is the lone hold over from Tangerine Dream's 1971-77 whoa-man synthesizer-soundscape hey day, a period that also included keyboardist Peter Baumann and ...


Tangerine Dream: The Bootmoon Series

Read "Tangerine Dream: The Bootmoon Series" reviewed by John Kelman

Tangerine Dream was always considered to be a trend-setting group, but looking back on their work retrospectively, the full impact of their innovations is more than a little remarkable. Ranging from thumping techno beats to New Age meanderings to pure noise to ambient soundscapes, Tangerine Dream were not the first group to make extensive use of ...