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Eclectic and Electric

Read "Eclectic and Electric" reviewed by Maurice Hogue

This episode of One Man's Jazz is kind of eclectic, what with music from the likes of Petter Eldh's European super group Koma Saxo taking jazz in a different direction, Reverse Winchester (rapper/poet Mike Ladd hooked up with the open tuning of guitarist Mathieu Sourisseau), a historical bit on the strange tale of Canadian drummer Claude ...


Jazz Renditions of Blues, Soul, Pop & Rock Hits (Part 1)

Read "Jazz Renditions of Blues, Soul, Pop & Rock Hits (Part 1)" reviewed by Ludovico Granvassu

The compositions that we refer to as “jazz standards" were the pop songs of their time, before gradually developing into mainstays of the jazz repertoire. This week we focus on jazz interpretations of today's popular music, with renditions of the songs of artists ranging from Marvin Gaye to Sonic Youth, from Prince to Led Zeppelin, from ...

Julio Resende

Read "Julio Resende" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

01. Radiohead - King of Limbs (Autoprodotto - 2011). E' una delle mie band preferite e con questo album confermano di essere tra le migliori “teste pensanti" nella musica di oggi. L'ennesimo disco di grandi canzoni. 02. Clã - Lustro (EMI - 2003). Rock band portoghese che presenta grandi canzoni, grandi arrangiamenti e una grande cantante. 03. Joao Gilberto - ...


Julio Resende's Piano and Trio Shine Warmly on "You Taste Like a Song"

Portuguese pianist Julio Resende has a kind of poetic touch. His trio date You Taste Like A Song (Cleen Feed 216) waxes that way. A reflective Silencio—For the Fado opens the album with a beautifully glowing balladic-free piece that seems full of saudade longing. The trio has alternating bassists and drummers and they all do good yeoman's ...