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Carlos Henrique Pereira: There And Here

Read "There And Here" reviewed by Anya Wassenberg

Multi-instrumentalist Carlos Henrique Pereira offers up an avant take on Brazilian jazz in There And Here. The tracks, all written by Pereira, were inspired by his native Brazil, and many, like “O Choro Do Bebê," directly reference traditional genres (a choro being a traditional song form).

Contemporary jazz with an edge of dissonance and ...


Latin Jazz Conversations: (Part 2)

After indulging her passion for Brazilian music in Salvador da Bahia, percussionist Ami Molinelli reached an important crossroads in her life. Heading back to the United States, Molinelli needed to decide just how deeply her involvement in music would be a part of her life. Molinelli followed her passion at this point, deciding that music would ...


Latin Jazz Conversations: Ami Molinelli (Part 1)

A change of plan often breathes excitement into life and offers the possibility of digging deep into new paths of inspiration. Leaving yourself open to new ideas may present some initial discomfort, but almost always leads to new learning and self-discovery. Sometimes it's simply better to ditch the plan completely and follow your passion—you never know ...