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Lucien Dubuis

Briefly Born in Porrentruy, Switzerland, June, 20th 1974, father of two children, teacher in the association "Ton sur Ton" in La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH), Lucien Dubuis is a musician and composer in several bands of avant-garde Jazz and improvised music. Instruments Alto saxophone, bass clarinet and contrabass clarinet. Studies French Gymnasium, Bienne (CH), Montreux Conservatory (CH), Jazz professional schedule. Musical experiences Lucien Dubuis has been an active musician in the jazz and improvised music scene for several years. He also performed theater music, film music and "Chanson francophone". He is representant of the Conservatory of Montreux at IASJ (International association of School of Jazz) meeting in Sienna (IT), with Dave Liebman as president, 1997 He receives the music prize of the State of Bern (CH), 1998 He is also the Swiss representant of the European Jazz Youth Orchestra (In Europe) directed by Pierre Dorge, 1998. Plays with Hans Koch, Martin Schütz and Christian Müller for the final of the Swiss National Expositon: Expo.02 in Bienne (CH), 2002. Receives a composition order from Pro Helvetia, 2002. Tour in Iran with his trio, 2003 Event for the Opening of the "Swiss Diagonal Festival" and other concerts in Switzerland with the guitar player Marc Ribot (New York) as guest, 2005. Tours in Colombia, Bolivia and Poland with his trio, 2005 Records a triple album as a tribute to Swiss writers Francis Giauque and Hugues Richard (Voix d'Ici), 2005. Tour and record with "La Bouillie d'Heidi", tribute project to Le Corbusier by Christophe Studer with Linda Sharrock (voc), Christophe Studer (keys), Daniel Erdmann (ts & bs), Lucien Dubuis (bcl & cbcl), Calle Callima (guit), Lionel Friedli (dr), Diane Labrosse (samp & el). Festivals Copenhagen Jazz, Copenhagen (DK), 1998 Diplom concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival (CH), 1999 Cropettes, Genève (CH), 2001 Onze+, Lausanne (CH), plays the first concert of Dave Holland Quintet, 2001 Jazz Contreband (CH-FR), 2001 Rhinojazz, Rive-de-Gier (FR), 2001 Cully Jazz, Cully (CH), plays the first concert of "Steve Coleman & Five Elements", 2002 Knock Out, Moutier (CH), 2002 Out Of Tune, Bévilard (CH), 2002 Swiss Jazz Diagonals, Zürich-Genève-Lugano-Schaffhausen (CH), 2003 A.R.N., Lausanne (CH), 2004 Other Jazz, Neuchâtel (CH), 2004 Swiss Jam, Swiss Cultural Center, Milan (IT), 2004 Schaffhauser Jazzfestival, Schaffhausen (CH), 2004 Villa Celimontana Jazz, Roma (IT), 2004 Europhonics, Dortmund (DE), 2004 Swiss Jazz Diagonals (feat


2016: The Year in Jazz

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The year 2016 bubbled with events and initiatives to strengthen jazz's place in American and world culture, as well as a variety of venue openings, closings and cancellations. Jazz hit the silver screen in many ways throughout the year, and International Jazz Day continued to thrive--complete with a major all-star concert at the White House. Pop ...

Lucien Dubuis Trio: Design Your Future / Future Rock

Label: Unit Records
Released: 2013
Track listing: 01. Albumblatt für Herrn Schprögel; 02. Pàrl; 03. Au bois; 04. Suite en Eb: andante misterioso; 05. Suite en Eb: agitato; 06. Suite en Eb: zoppicando; 07. Suite en Eb: tempestoso; 08. Lalila; 09. Autägleche Waudverchehr; 10. Au bois (spacetet version); 11. Design Your Future; 12. Oh My God. Future Rock 01. En descendant de la montagne; 02. Eva; 03. En bus; 04. Blanche; 05. Le cockpit; 06. 4 Wände; 07. Star Loves; 08. Yiwu Shan; 09. Lin Ying Hao; 10. Schnitzel paniert mit Brot; 11. Lançang; 12. I'll Talk to You; 13. Georges W Bush.

Future Rock

Label: Unit Records
Released: 2013
Track listing: En Descendant de la Montagne; Eva; En Bus; Blanche; Le Cockpit; 4 Wände; Star Loves; Yiwu Shan; Lin Ying Hao; Schnitzel Paniert Mit Brot; Lançang; I'll Talk To You; Georges W Bush.


Lucien Dubuis Trio: Lucien Dubuis Trio: Design Your Future / Future Rock

Read "Lucien Dubuis Trio: Design Your Future / Future Rock" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Fino a qualche anno fa, il centro culturale svizzero di Milano aveva una buona programmazione musicale. Era possibile ascoltare dal vivo, con una certa regolarità, musicisti elvetici affermati e/o emergenti. Tra questi c'era Lucien Dubuis, giovane ed interessante saxofonista - clarinettista. Oggi questa programmazione musicale è praticamente azzerata, e siamo dunque costretti a seguire il percorso ...

Taking stock, a year half over

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This month, at the halfway point in the year of music, we are taking stock, and there have been so many great discs released. Here is my list (in no particular order) of the best albums so far. I predict many of these will make final top ten 2013 lists. Sorry, I couldn't keep my list ...


Lucien Dubuis Trio: Future Rock

Read "Future Rock" reviewed by Mark Corroto

The entire debate that bids one to take sides regarding art being either made by conservatory trained artistes or original primitives is quite the red herring. Sure, punk rock favored emotion over skill, but nobody would argue against Television guitarist Tom Verlaine's talent or the folk music of guitarist Bill Frisell. If you can play and ...


The Lucien Dubuis Trio and Marc Ribot - Ultime Cosmos (2009)

The Lucien Dubuis Trio and Marc Ribot - Ultime Cosmos (2009)

Ultime Cosmos was not serious. At least, not serious in that We're Wearing Nice Suits, We're Going To Play Jazz kind of way. Heck, this wasn't even jazz, not in spirit anyway. A quick read of the instrumental lineup would definitely make a person think 'jazz'—contrabass clarinet, guitar, bass, drums—but the record had more of a ...

Rotten Magic

Released: 2011
Track listing: 01. Rotten Magic (Scope); 02. Personal Punk; 03. Nimbus; 04. Idi; 05. Lulu; 06. Travel P; 07. Wischer (Scope); 08. Irrgarten; 09. Industrial Dogs (Scope); 10. Le Short; 11. What Happened to the Party People? (Scope) Tutti i brani sono di Hans-Peter Pfammatter eccetto altrove indicato.

Live from the Surface of the Sun

Released: 2011
Track listing: 01. A moteur; 02. Incident a voile; 03. Ode au grain; 04. Bogota boogie; 05. Le vent del l'affaire; 06. Bon/Mauvais escient; 07. Les os/ Los huesos; 08. Senti le stencil; 09. Kif kif bourricot; 10. S'assesoir dessus; 11. Incident a vapeur... Tutte le composizioni sono di Jerome Correa.


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