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Kira Kira: Bright Force

Read "Bright Force" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

The label “music" may be too confining for these sounds. Let us call it an ear-opening sonic experience. That's what pianist Satoko Fujii, with her new group, Kira Kira, has created with a compelling recording called Bright Force.

In the year 2018, every review of Fujii's output will include a prelude describing her decision ...

Bill Frisell: Music IS

Read "Music IS" reviewed by John Kelman

The tradition of solo jazz guitar recordings is a long one, with guitarists like Johnny Smith, Al Viola, George Van Eps, Lenny Breau and Joe Pass demonstrating just how far a mere six (in some cases, seven) strings could be taken on their own as far back as the 1950s. Subsequent guitar soloists like John Abercrombie ...


Savoy Records: From Newark To The World

Read "Savoy Records: From Newark To The World" reviewed by Jordan Levy

On June 26, 1942, James Petrillo, President of the American Federation of Musicians, the nations union for working musicians did the unthinkable and announced a recording ban on all major labels. The ban was set in place due to perceived uneven compensation for musicians. The AFM ban on recording occurred at a critical time, as it ...


Satoko Fujii: Solo

Read "Solo" reviewed by Neri Pollastri

Il 2017 è stato per la pianista giapponese Satoko Fujii un anno di grazia, che l'ha vista pubblicare un impressionante numero di lavori di altissimo livello nelle più diverse formazioni -come Aspiration, in quartetto con Wadada Leo Smith, Natsuki Tamura e Ikue Mori, Trouble Kaze in sestetto, Peace con l'orchestra di Tokio e Invisible Hand in ...


Satoko Fujii: un anno di celebrazioni

Read "Satoko Fujii: un anno di celebrazioni" reviewed by Angelo Leonardi

La pianista e bandleader giapponese Satoko Fujii è una delle protagoniste della musica improvvisata internazionale: in veste di leader o co-leader ha pubblicato più di 80 album spaziando da lavori in solo, piccoli organici e sontuosi progetti orchestrali. In questi evidenzia una personale e avvincente sintesi tra avanguardia post-free, sperimentazione accademica ed aspetti della tradizione culturale ...


Gianni Lenoci, Francesco Cusa: Wet Cats

Read "Wet Cats" reviewed by Neri Pollastri

La buona riuscita delle performance d'improvvisazione radicale è soggetta ad almeno tre condizioni: la prima, ovviamente, concerne le personalità artistiche che vi si cimentano, la seconda l'intesa tra di loro, la terza una certa dose di alea, che faccia sì che proprio in quell'occasione tutto giri al meglio e le idee scorrano fuori, una dietro l'altra, ...


Satoko Fujii: Solo

Read "Solo" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Solo piano performances generally fall into one of two categories--introverted or extraverted affairs. Obvious examples of extraverts are Fats Waller and Art Tatum, while inward-looking pianists are Brad Mehldau and Bill Evans. Extraverts play music pointed at the audience, while introverts internalize the experience.

How then do we categorize the music of Satoko Fujii? ...


Bobo Stenson: Contra la indecision

Read "Contra la indecision" reviewed by Mike Jurkovic

Swedish pianist Bobo Stenson could be considered an anomaly amongst the ECM roster of piano players. His work over the past decades has been more controlled and, not to be taken as an insult or affront to Stenson's earthy lyricism, less challenging than the works of past and current label-mates such as Paul Bley, Marilyn Crispell, ...


Joe Rosenberg's Ensembles

Read "Joe Rosenberg's Ensembles" reviewed by Jerome Wilson

Joe Rosenberg is a soprano saxophonist who, at one time, lived in the Bay Area collaborating with musicians like Dewey Redman and Buddy Collette and recording tributes to Eric Dolphy and Ornette Coleman. For the last several years he has been living in Asia and also collaborating with French musicians. These two CDs, by different configurations ...


Le avventure di un jazzista-filosofo

Read "Le avventure di un jazzista-filosofo" reviewed by Neri Pollastri

Le avventure di un jazzista-filosofo
Arrigo Cappelletti
191 Pagine
ISBN: 978-88-6231-907-2
Arcana Jazz

Laureato in filosofia e per alcuni anni insegnante della materia nei licei, il pianista Arrigo Cappelletti è anche un'ottima penna, come aveva avuto modo di mostrare in varie sue pubblicazioni, tra le quali spicca ...