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Agogic: Agogic

Read "Agogic" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Attenzione a Seattle. Qualcosa si muove nella fu capitale del grunge. Merito di Cuong Vu, che dalla fine del 2006 ha rimesso radici nella città dalla quale era partito alla volta di New York, passando per Boston, a inizio anni Novanta. Il ritorno a casa del trombettista di origini vietnamite, complice la cattedra offertagli dalla University of ...


Agogic with Cuong Vu, Andrew D'Angelo: Something Good Going On in Seattle

Things have been happening for Cuong Vu since he moved out to Seattle. One of them is Agogic (T & C 001). Maestro Vu's trumpet locks in with Andrew D'Angelo's serpentine alto and bass clarinet, and they are held buoyant by the boldly blistering bass and drums of Luke Bergman and Evan Woodle, respectively. Add some ...

Agogic: Agogic

Read "Agogic" reviewed by Jerry D'Souza

Table and Chairs music is a new label dedicated to harnessing Seattle's rich music legacy. Its first release, Agogic, is the eponymous debut featuring trumpeter Cuong Vu and saxophonist Andrew D'Angelo. D'Angelo cast his dye as an alto saxophonist in Seattle before moving to New York, and has played with Kurt Rosenwinkel and Erik Friedlander, among ...


Read "AGOGIC" reviewed by Troy Collins

Defined as “accenting a musical note by extending it slightly beyond its normal time value," AGOGIC is the evocative name adopted by the seasoned front-line of multi-instrumentalist Andrew D'Angelo (alto saxophone, bass clarinet) and trumpet player Cuong Vu for a multi-generational collective featuring electric bassist Luke Bergman and drummer Evan Woodle, two of Seattle's most promising ...

Agogic: Agogic

Read "Agogic" reviewed by Mark F. Turner

Seattle's music scene is well known for its alternative rock bands, such as Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden. But the nonconformist jazz of Agogic's debut would rival them all in terms of its own energy and inventiveness. Born from the collaboration between saxophonist Andrew D'Angelo and trumpeter Cuong Vu (whose resumes are dotted with ...