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Hanksgiving: Jazz Tributes to Hank Williams

Read "Hanksgiving: Jazz Tributes to Hank Williams" reviewed by Ludovico Granvassu

Do you sympathize with the plight of the turkeys? Do family reunions bring you anxiety? Then forget about Thanksgiving! Mondo Jazz is here to help you switch to Hanksgiving, with two hours of Jazz tributes to the great Hank Williams, the only singer who is more American than pumpkin pie!

This week we have ...


Andrew Bishop: De Profundis

Read "De Profundis" reviewed by Alberto Bazzurro

Polistrumentista, compositore e docente alla Michigan University di Ann Arbor, Andrew Bishop rielabora in questo suo nuovo album il De Profundis Clamavi di Josquin Desprez, autore franco-fiammingo a cavallo fra Quattro e Cinquecento, riprendendone le sei parti nelle tracce dispari del presente lavoro, con risultati senz'altro degni di attenzione.

Le temperature indulgono prevedibilmente ...


Kris Davis Infrasound: Save Your Breath

Read "Save Your Breath" reviewed by Vincenzo Roggero

Insolito l'Infrasound Octet allestito dalla pianista/compositrice/bandleader Kris Davis per la realizzazione di Save Your Breath: quattro grandi interpreti della famiglia dei clarinetti (Ben Goldberg, Oscar Noriega, Joachim Badenhorst e Andrew Bishop), le alchimie dell'organo di Gary Versace, la chitarra mutante di Nate Radley, la batteria proteiforme di Jim Black ed il pianoforte della stessa Davis. Insolita ...


Michele Ramo: A Cigar & A Scotch

Read "A Cigar & A Scotch" reviewed by Edward Blanco

Hailing from the Mediterranean fishing town of Mazara, Italy, guitarist/violinist and composer Michele Pugielese-Ramo has been fishing the jazz waters of New York and Detroit for the last twenty-six years. Having recorded countless albums as leader during that time, his most recent endeavor, A Cigar & A Scotch, captures a gifted musician and his World Jazz ...


Gerald Cleaver & Uncle June: Detroit Jazz Festival, September 2, 2012

Read "Gerald Cleaver & Uncle June: Detroit Jazz Festival, September 2, 2012" reviewed by Steve Bryant

Gerald Cleaver & Uncle June
Detroit Jazz Festival
Detroit, MI
September 2, 2012

The 2012 Detroit Jazz Fest had one of the best lineups in years, especially for fans of the mainstream headliners. However, for those who like their music adventurous and intrepid, it wasn't that type of party. The one standout act, though, was ...


Hot Club Of Detroit: Junction

Read "Junction" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

When the Hot Club Of Detroit's journey began, they followed the road that guitarist Django Reinhardt laid before them. They traveled the highways and byways of so-called “Gypsy Jazz," walking in the footsteps of their forefathers while picking up and exhibiting other influences and sounds along the way, and eventually reached a crossroad. Rather than choose ...


20 Years Of Jazz In The Park Celebrated With Great Concerts At Serralves Museum Of Contemporary Art, Portugal: July 2011

In 2011 Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art celebrates the 20th edition of Jazz in the Park, a summer jazz festival that takes place in Serralves 18 ha Park. To commemorate this 20th anniversary, Serralves presents some great musical moments. The concerts will take place on July 10, 16, 23 and 30, at 6 p.m. For Antonio Curvelo, ...


Dance, a Debut, and a Free Concert at Vision Festival 16

Dance, a Debut, and a Free Concert at Vision Festival 16

Vision Festival begins Friday with a free concert for those who enjoy music alfresco in the public square and may not be able to afford a ticket.This is also a chance for the neighborhood children to get involved. Ras Moshe was one such child back in the 80s when an early counterpart to Vision Festival, Sound Unity, convened. Vision Festival FREE ...


Gerald Cleaver / Uncle June: Be It As I See It

Read "Be It As I See It" reviewed by Mark F. Turner

Be It As I See It, Gerald Cleaver's fourth release as a leader, is an artistic vision of the Great Migration of African American families, in particular his family's movement from the rural South to the urban landscapes in the North, arriving at his home in Detroit, Michigan. The New York-based drummer/composer is a major player ...


Gerald Cleaver: Gerald Cleaver's Detroit

Read "Gerald Cleaver's Detroit" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Benchè il suo nome sia associato all’avanguardia statunitense, Gerald Cleaver ha realizzato il disco più bello di mainstream jazz degli ultimi anni. Già collaboratore di Henry Threadgill, Roscoe Mitchell e Joe Morris, il batterista di Detroit conferma con il suo secondo CD per la Fresh Sound le eccellenti doti di strumentista e compositore. Rispetto alle forme più avventurose del ...