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Stephan Diethelm

A mellow voice and cool sounds. LYN LEON provide both. In their suitcase they're also carrying their new CD GLASS LOUNGE. In this lounge time and space are forgotten - letting oneself sink into a chair and get carried along by the musical current is the slogan. The trance-engendering sweetness springs from singer Carolyn Leonhart's vocal artistry. At once bewitchingly lascivious and dynamically energetic she sings stories of passing passions and tender love-tides. Yet more fascination is in the intricate sound patterns and the moving and, at times, trendy beats. In this way the lounge presents itself in an ever-changing acoustic d�r


Various Artists: Newvelle Muri

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Swiss drummer/percussionist and composer, Stephan Diethelm lived in Zimbabwe for several years and was musically influenced by the African rhythms he heard. He had appeared on four albums when he launched the Muri Series, an ongoing succession of concerts that began in 2002, sometimes called Musig im Pflegidach. Pflegidach is a monastery that dates to the ...

glass lounge

Label: Percords
Released: 2001


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