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Outhead: Send this Sound to the King

Read "Send this Sound to the King" reviewed by Alberto Bazzurro

Un ensemble senz'altro effervescente, vitale, questo quartetto con doppio sax attivo nella Bay Area di San Francisco le cui voci-guida sono Alex Weiss e Charlie Gurke, che oltre tutto si dividono equamente la paternità dei brani presenti nel disco: tre a testa (il settimo, “A Made Truth," peraltro il più debole del lotto, si deve al ...


Alex Weiss: Fighter Planes & Praying Mantis

Read "Fighter Planes & Praying Mantis" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

Saxophonist Alex Ward's musical journey so far reflects his restful musical personality. He studied music in Boston, then relocated to San Francisco where he studied with Roberto DeHaven, the minister and musician of Saint John's Orthodox Church, better known as the John Coltrane Church. In the Bay Area he collaborated with innovative improvisers as saxophonist Glenn ...


Vision Festival: Day 1, June 5, 2011

Read "Vision Festival: Day 1, June 5, 2011" reviewed by John Sharpe

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Vision Festival
Abrons Arts Center
New York, NY

June 5-11, 2011

Now in its 16th year, the annual Vision Festival in NYC's Lower East Side remains the premier showcase for the city's avant jazz talent. While for residents, ...


Vision Festival 16 Opening Night; Echoes of Ascension, Marion Brown and John Tchicai.

Having covered the Panel Discussion for Sunday the music needs its due. Where else but the Vision Festival, in the US at least, would you find a night given to two participants in that legendary extended fanfare the world knows as Ascension. One still works among us, John Tchicai, and the other left us since Vision Festival last conveved. Marion Brown ...

John Tchicai: Four Ways

Read "John Tchicai: Four Ways" reviewed by Robert Iannapollo

New York Art Quartet
Old Stuff

John Tchicai's Five Points
One Long Minute
Nu Bop

John Tchicai
In Monk's Mood