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Patrick Battstone: The Last Taxi, In Transit

Read "The Last Taxi, In Transit" reviewed by Geannine Reid

Patrick Battstone is a pianist and collaborator. What is meant by collaborator? Good Question. Battstone is as equally skilled at writing, creating and playing as he is bringing together equally creative and likeminded collaborators into one project. Battstone's projects are a democracy of performances, where each player has a vital and role in the overall sound. ...


Dylan Jack: Diagrams

Read "Diagrams" reviewed by Alberto Bazzurro

Il giovane batterista Dylan Jack, nativo del Massachusetts, ci presenta in questo album il suo quartetto e non si può dire che l'incontro non sia interessante: le geometrie del gruppo sono nette, chiare, il suo eloquio, e lo stesso equilibrio fra i vari strumenti, altrettanto, peraltro in un contesto che sa prendersi i suoi rischi, senza ...


Eric Hofbauer Quintet: Prehistoric Jazz – Volumes 1 & 2

Read "Eric Hofbauer Quintet: Prehistoric Jazz – Volumes 1 & 2" reviewed by Mark F. Turner

With sure workmanship and untamed inquisitiveness, Boston-based guitarist Eric Hofbauer is no stranger to confronting unusual yet stimulating music. Examples include 2008's uncharacteristic guitar duo The Lady of Khartoum with Garrison Fewell or the striking American solo series--American Vanity (2004), American Fear (2010) and American Grace (2013)--which crossed distinctive terrains of improvisation and covers of iconic ...


Circadian Rhythm Kings: Circadian Rhythm Kings/Three Thirty Four

Read "Circadian Rhythm Kings/Three Thirty Four" reviewed by Fiona Ord-Shrimpton

A regularly used time reference in this editor's house is 3:15. It's used to denote anything unheard, misheard or not wanted to be listened to--"Can you fetch the milk?" “Quarter past three." “Turn that music down!" “3:15." “Are you going crazy?" “3:15..." so Circadian Rhythm King's album Three Thirty Four is that more or less crazy? ...


Armenian Folk with Jazz Orchestration: Once Upon a Time

Old Stories, New Retellings: Ara Sarkissian and Musaner’s Jazz Muses Inspire a Twist on Armenian Folk with Once Upon a Time “It’s about what you inherit,” declares Ara Sarkissian, the composer and classical pianist behind modern Armenian fusion experiment Musaner. The group has plunged into the caves of tradition to rescue melodies once left for dead and ...


Nakatani Gong Orchestra @ Outpost 186 on September 10th

Nakatani Gong Orchestra @ Outpost 186 on September 10th

Saturday, September 10, 2011 OUTPOST 186
186 1/2 Hampshire Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
8:00 PM Tatsuya Nakatani Gong Orchestra World renowned master percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani will present an evening of improvised music centering on exceptionally intricate interplay, texture and timbre on Saturday, September 10. Nakatani will be performing a set of solo percussion music ...


Todd Brunel's "Vortex Live" CD and Digital Download Now Available

Todd Brunel's "Vortex Live" CD and Digital Download Now Available

The Vortex Live features some of the best moments of the Vortex Series captured live between 2007-2010. Each piece is an original work created by invited artists, with all collaborations happening for the first time. The Vortex Live features: Todd Brunel clarinets, Rob Bethel cello, Esther Viola oboe, Andrew Hickman tenor sax (tracks 1 and 4), Dave Maxwell piano, Kevin Frenette} ...