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Poetry and Jazz: A Chronology

Read "Poetry and Jazz: A Chronology" reviewed by Duncan Heining

My intention here is to offer a detailed but inevitably incomplete chronology of poetry and jazz. The focus is solely on the combination of the two art forms in performance, not on poetry about jazz or jazz musicians or poetry inspired by jazz but not performed to music. My definition of 'poetry' is fairly broad and ...


Glawdys N’Dee: Lyannaj

Read "Lyannaj" reviewed by Hrayr Attarian

The term “world music" takes a new meaning with singer Glawdys N'Dee's debut, Lyannaj, which means to connect or unite in solidarity--and unite, she does. The Guadeloupean-born, Parisian-educated and Chicago-based N'Dee brings together, in three languages--Creole, French and English--various musical styles of the African Diaspora, from Caribbean rhythms to jazz, and from gospel to the blues. ...


Wandering Visions: The 2011 Vision Festival

Wandering Visions: The 2011 Vision Festival

By Steve Dalachinsky "a paradise of flowers where peace might build her nest." —Percy Shelly For 16 years the Vision Festival has led a nomadic existence. Wandering from one venue to another, this brave band of Visionaries,which I am proud to be a part of, with the ever present, stalwart & persistent Patricia Nicholson Parker at the helm & ...