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Heiner Stadler: Tribute to Bird & Monk

Read "Tribute to Bird & Monk" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Quasi ottanta minuti nei quali un sestetto di musicisti da brivido rende omaggio a due geni della musica del novecento. La solita operazione celebrativa così frequente in ambito jazzistico? Niente affatto se a concepire l'idea, realizzarla e curarne gli arrangiamenti è quel talentaccio misconosciuto che risponde al nome di Heiner Stadler. Su queste pagine avevamo già recensito Brains on Fire, ...

Heiner Stadler: Jazz Alchemy

Read "Jazz Alchemy" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Può capitare che un CD impieghi anche tredici anni per arrivare sui nostri tavoli, oltre tutto racchiudendo musica che a sua volta, di anni di distanza dall'incisione, ne ha macinati parecchi di più. È quanto accade con questo Jazz Alchemy (che già il titolo...), lavoro assolutamente particolare - al di là degli accadimenti di cui sopra ...


Heiner Stadler: Brains on Fire

Read "Brains on Fire" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Heiner Stadler è nome pressoché sconosciuto se non agli addetti ai lavori o a qualche curioso appassionato jazzofilo. Nasce nel 1942 a Lessen in Polonia, cresce ad Amburgo dove studia pianoforte, armonia e composizione al conservatorio, per poi trasferirsi nel 1965 a New York. Qui intesse una serie di relazioni con importanti musicisti dal background assai variegato (si va sa ...

Heiner Stadler: Brains on Fire

Read "Heiner Stadler: Brains on Fire" reviewed by Hrayr Attarian

Heiner Stadler

Brains on Fire

Labor Records


One of the most exciting reissues of the first quarter of 2012 is composer and pianist Heiner Stadler's pioneering Brains on Fire, originally released in 1973. The two-CD reissue adds three lengthy, previously unreleased tracks and informative and well-researched liner notes by critic Howard ...


Thelonious Monk Redux

Read "Thelonious Monk Redux" reviewed by Raul d'Gama Rose

Perhaps there are no better contemporary homages to pianist and composer Thelonious Monk than the ones re-imagined by soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy and trombonist Roswell Rudd, as well as by pianist Misha Mengelberg. But the greatest of all is the short one by composer and pianist Heiner Stadler. That seminal album--Tribute to Bird and Monk (Tomato, ...


Troy Collins' Best Releases of 2011

Read "Troy Collins' Best Releases of 2011" reviewed by Troy Collins

Compiling end of the year lists is never easy. Considering the quantity of recordings issued during a year, attempting to mention every noteworthy session would result in a list of epic proportions. These few albums are a cross-section of some of the best modern jazz released in 2011, highlighting sophisticated new developments in composition and improvisation--from ...

Heiner Stadler: Tribute to Bird and Monk

Read "Tribute to Bird and Monk" reviewed by Raul d'Gama Rose

In the winter of 1978, Heiner Stadler lent his consummate skill to conceiving, arranging and conducting a project featuring the music of two of the most beloved icons of modern music: Thelonious Monk and Charlie Parker. Tribute to Monk and Bird (Tomato, 1978) was released as a 2-LP set, produced by Michael Cuscuna, and eleven years ...

Heiner Stadler: Tribute to Bird & Monk

Read "Tribute to Bird & Monk" reviewed by Nic Jones

Tribute to Bird & Monk is a scintillating blast recorded in 1978, when the battle lines between innovation and the tradition were clearly drawn. In tackling compositions by Thelonious Monk and Charlie Parker, and casting them in a fresh light, arranger Heiner Stadler obviously wasn't shy about playing the provocative agent. Initially it sounds as if ...

Heiner Stadler: Tribute to Bird & Monk

Read "Tribute to Bird & Monk" reviewed by Troy Collins

Originally released in 1978 as a double LP by Tomato Records, Tribute to Bird & Monk is as revelatory now as when it was awarded a five star review in Downbeat over three decades ago. This unique tribute transcends convention, featuring a stellar cast of musicians performing under-sung German composer Heiner Stadler's polyphonic orchestrations of be-bop ...


A Welcome Reissue of Heiner Stadler's "Tribute to Bird and Monk" and How Wrong is Right

A Welcome Reissue of Heiner Stadler's "Tribute to Bird and Monk" and How Wrong is Right

I keep coming back to Ken Burn's jazz series because it towed a particular party line (musically speaking) that I have disagreements with, and because it reached so many people who otherwise would not have gotten some kind of comprehensive overview of jazz in its 100-or-so- year history. (That's good, but that also means that a particular viewpoint was ...