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Lena Bloch

“In jazz”, muses Lena Bloch, “many things come together that are thought of as opposites: mind and feeling, responsibility and abandonment, looseness and precision, improvisation and composition. I just love that.” Lena’s love for jazz has taken her on a challenging and circuitous voyage. Lena moved from Israel to Europe in 1991, where she became a part of the European jazz scene (Germany and Holland) for 12 years, finally came to the United States, earning Master's Degree in Composition and moved to Brooklyn, NY in 2008, where she quickly became a contributor to one of the most fertile and interesting jazz scenes of recent memory

The Salamander Project ~ Nestor Zurita & Augustus Black

From the fiery crucible of creativity comes "The Salamander Project" a unique Classical and Jazz inspired Duo that was born from the collaboration of British musician Augustus Black on piano and US/Ecuadorean musician Nestor Zurita on saxophone.