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Aram Shelton & Håkon Berre: Dormancy

Read "Dormancy" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

San Francisco Bay Area resident, alto saxophonist Aram Shelton and Norwegian drummer/percussionist Håkon Berre recorded this dynamic session in a studio outside of Copenhagen. Each musician is highly respected in their home turf and beyond, although Shelton has led bands and collaborated with the crème de la crème of fearless improvising risk-takers in the US since ...


Kyle Bruckmann's Degradient: Dear Everyone

Read "Dear Everyone" reviewed by Giuseppe Segala

Diceva Luciano Berio nel 1974, a proposito della ricerca di “analogie specifiche" tra linguaggio verbale e musica, che “proprio questo tipo di ricerca è un altro modo di vivere una delle condizioni più reali e permanenti della musica, che è quella di rincorrere senza sosta un'utopia di linguaggio," per “scoprire nuove e provvisorie relazioni tra suono ...


Bassist / Composer Matthew Golombisky Releases 12 Aural "Short-Stories" With Close Music Cohorts / Improvisers On This Cassette Release

Bassist / Composer Matthew Golombisky Releases 12 Aural "Short-Stories" With Close Music Cohorts / Improvisers On This Cassette Release

All About Jazz writer Jakob Baekgaard recently called Matthew Golombisky a modern “renaissance man”. He is a forward moving, fast acting, and busy artist. Between his acoustic/electric bass performing, commissioned compositions (including his work on Australian singer/songwriter Via Tania’s latest album, featuring his Tomorrow Music Orchestra, his film scoring contributions to Argentine director Alejo Domínguez’s feature ...


Marc Riordan/Tim Daisy: Joyride

Read "Joyride" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Critics often speak of the chemistry between two musicians. Why? Because, it is so very easy to toss out this abstract, non-quantifiable concept. Those who agree, nod. Those who differ, well they have nothing on which to challenge your statement. But here I go, Tim Daisy and Marc Riordan showcase a stellar musical affinity on their ...


Shelton / Lonberg-Holm / Rosaly: Resounder

Read "Resounder" reviewed by Mark Corroto

There is no connection whatsoever between the improvised electro-acoustic music of Resounder and Carl Stalling's musical accompaniment and his adaptations of music composed by Raymond Scott for Warner Brothers' Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes cartoon. Except that, the music of Aram Shelton, Fred Lonberg-Holm, and Frank Rosaly evokes a sort of theatre of the mind. The ...


Steel Bridge Trio: Different Clocks

Read "Different Clocks" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Heard at the imaginary music awards ceremony, “and the winner of the quietest and most accessible avant-garde recording of 2015 (dramatic pause), Different Clocks by Steel Bridge Trio." “Accepting the award for the trio is Jimmy Giuffre and Eric Dolphy.

If there were such awards, and certainly there should be, Chicagoan Tim Daisy would ...


Henry Kaiser & Ray Russell: The Celestial Squid

Read "The Celestial Squid" reviewed by Troy Collins

The Celestial Squid is an unprecedented summit meeting between two renowned guitarists: legendary British session ace Ray Russell and idiosyncratic Bay Area experimentalist Henry Kaiser. Although best known as a veteran studio musician, Russell's groundbreaking early records revealed a penchant for unbridled free jazz, culminating in his 1971 masterpiece Rites and Rituals (CBS). Since then, Russell ...


Anthony Braxton, Tomas Fujiwara, Tom Rainey: Trio (New Haven) 2013

Read "Trio (New Haven) 2013" reviewed by Giuseppe Segala

L'abbinamento spericolato di ance e batteria rappresenta uno dei motivi più penetranti del jazz contemporaneo e continua a essere praticato con pregnanza a abbondanza: se i lavori recenti di Roscoe Mitchell con Tyshawn Sorey e Mike Reed ne disegnano l'aspetto più metafisico e astratto, le numerose escursioni di Ken Vandermark con Paal Nilssen-Love tracciano percorsi audaci ...


Ton Trio II: On and On

Read "On and On" reviewed by Libero Farnè

Il sassofonista Aram Shelton, nato in Florida e attualmente residente in California, ha vissuto dal 1999 al 2005 a Chicago, con la cui scena jazzistica ha mantenuto produttivi contatti. A Oakland ha costituito nel 2012 il Ton Trio II, del quale On and On rappresenta l'album d'esordio.
Tutte le composizioni del CD sono di ...


Chicago Jazz Festival 2013

Read "Chicago Jazz Festival 2013" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Chicago Jazz Festival
Chicago, IL
August 29-September 1, 2013
Chicago is...

You get the feeling it is a jazz city when, waiting in line at the airport, you overhear a conversation about Anthony Braxton's first meeting with Derek Bailey. Then, your suspicions are confirmed in the taxi, on the drive to the 2013 Chicago Jazz ...