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Don Suhor: Veteran New Orleans jazzman (1932-2003)

Don Suhor: Veteran New Orleans jazzman (1932-2003)

By Charles Suhor Don Suhor, a clarinetist and alto saxophonist who spanned many styles and eras on the New Orleans jazz scene, died of cancer on January 27. He was 70 years old. Suhor's 55-year career “epitomized the life of the working New Orleans jazz musician," Keith Spera wrote in a Times-Picayune article. “Rarely a headliner, Mr. Suhor ...


Don Suhor: From Dixieland to Bopsieland

Read "Don Suhor: From Dixieland to Bopsieland" reviewed by Charles Suhor

This article first appeared in the 2016 issue of The Jazz Archivist.

My brother, Don Suhor, played clarinet and alto sax in a stunning variety of jazz contexts for over fifty-five years--almost exclusively in jny: New Orleans. I always felt frustrated by my brother's lack of concern with legacy. He made a few recordings ...