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About the Slideshow Ad Space

All About Jazz, an unparalleled platform of technical innovation for jazz, has developed a new full screen advertisement option that appears in the stream of a photo slideshow. Presented at 1920x1080 pixels, the clickable "Slideshow" ad appears after every fourth photo in a slideshow. All About Jazz tracks how many times the ad is viewed and how many times it is clicked.

"The slideshow ad is superior to a full page print ad—it's persistent display, full screen, trackable, and outbound traffic can be instantly monetized," said All About Jazz founder, Michael Ricci. "This new ad type is geared for all advertisers though we hope print advertisers take notice as the "Slideshow" ad is unique to jazz and will be seen approximately 28,000 times a week."

To maximize slideshow ad views, we have placed a button on nearly every All About Jazz page. You can view a live slideshow by clicking here, then clicking the green VIEW IN SLIDESHOW button. Scroll to the 5th image to view the current ad then continue to scroll.

The slideshow ad is $250 per week.

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