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filmmaker currently working in Germany and Norway with music-related films

About Me

Ingo J. Biermann, born 1978 in Stuttgart, Germany, worked as personal assistant to infamous German film director Rosa von Praunheim for a couple of years, before he studied film directing and producing at the German Academy for Film and Television in Berlin (dffb). During his years at the Academy he was a student of Béla Tarr, Claire Denis, Andres Veiel, and Christian Petzold. Several film projects are currently in preparation and post-production, such as an unconventional roadmovie "Nordland" (WT) taking place in Northern Norway, and Blank Spot, which is a finespun family story in Brandenburg, Germany. Three documentaries are going to be finished in 2012, among them: “Phed – A Signature Building” and “Voice – Sculpting Sound with Maja Ratkje” about the Norwegian composer/musician/performer. Occasionally he works as co-author and cameraman on other peoples’ film projects, for example on the recent Lambchop concert video on the limited edition dvd of "Mr. M". He is married to visual artist Fiene Scharp, with whom he has one daughter.

My Favorites

  1. Radiohead - OK Computer
  2. The Notwist - Shrink
  3. Stefano Battaglia - Re: Pasolini
  4. Dans les arbres