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Robert Bush

Robert Bush has been involved with Jazz as a musician, listener and supporter for over 30 years.

About Me

I began my adventure into jazz and improvised music in 1976 around the time I graduated high school. A performance by the Jean Luc Ponty group provided my entrance into this world.That lead to John Mclaughlin (seeing Shakti in 1977 is an experience I will never forget). Eventually my tastes grew to include the jazz of the fifties and sixties, especially John Coltrane and Miles Davis. That led to the avant--garde, particuarly Pharoah Sanders, Eric Dolphy, Archie Shepp, Cecil Taylor. I witnessed many modern concerts of this nature-- i.e. Jack DeJohnettes' Special Edition, Old & New Dreams and the Art Ensemble of Chicago. Studied guitar with local icon Peter Sprague and gigged around San Diego in various ensembles. A career in music wasn't to be, but I never stopped listening and supporting the music. I write for the San Diego Reader,NBC San Diego,CityBeat,All About Jazz, and Just Jazz Guitar Magazine.

My Favorites

  1. Muhal Richard Abrams--Blu, Blu, Blu
  2. George Adams--Paradise Space Shuttle
  3. John Abercrombie-Arcade/ M
  4. Art Ensemble Of Chicago--Nice Guys
  5. Art Ensemble Of Chicago--Certain Blacks...
  6. Art Ensemble Of Chicago--Urban Bushmen
  7. Anthony Braxton--Performance 1979/
  8. Anthony Braxton--7 Compositions 1978
  9. Anthony Braxton--New York Fall 1974
  10. Anthony Braxton--Creative Orchestra Music
  11. Gary Burton--Passengers
  12. Don Cherry--Symphony For Improvisors
  13. Don Cherry Where Is Brooklyn?
  14. Nels Cline Singers
  15. Ornette Coleman--This Is Our Music
  16. Ornette Coleman--Change Of The Century
  17. Ornette Coleman--Shape Of Jazz To Come
  18. Ornette Coleman--Sound Grammar
  19. Ornette Coleman/Pat Metheny--Song X
  20. John Coltrane--Africa Brass
  21. John Coltrane--First Meditations For Quartet
  22. John Coltrane--Interstellar Space
  23. John Coltrane--Crescent
  24. John Coltrane--Ole
  25. Chick Corea--Now He Sings, Now He Sobs
  26. Chick Corea--Three Quartets
  27. Miles Davis--Milestones
  28. Miles Davis--Miles Smiles
  29. Eric Dolphy--Out To Lunch
  30. Jack DeJohnette--New Directions
  31. Jack DeJohnette--Special Edition
  32. Bill Evans--Village Vanguard Sessions
  33. Chico Freeman--Tradition In Transition
  34. Jan Garbarek Bobo Stenson Quartet--Witchi-Tai-To
  35. Charlie Haden- Golden Number
  36. Charlie Haden--Closeness
  37. Charlie Haden Quartet West--Haunted Heart
  38. Dave Holland--Conference Of The Birds
  39. Dave Holland--Triplicate
  40. Joseph Jarmin/Don Moye--Egwu-Anwu
  41. Keith Jarrett--My Song
  42. Keith Jarrett--Survivors Suite
  43. Keith Jarrett--Eyes Of The Heart
  44. Keith Jarrett--Standards Vol. I & II
  45. Keith JarettTrio- Still Live
  46. Art Lande's Rubisa Patrol--Desert Marauders
  47. Steve Lacy--The Rent
  48. SteveLacy--Revenue
  49. John Lindberg--Catbird Sings
  50. John Lindberg--Luminosity: Homage To David Izenson
  51. Jimmy Lyons/Sunny Murray--Jump Up
  52. Mingus--Pithicantrupus Erectus
  53. Mingus--Tijuana Moods
  54. Mingus--Black Saint And The Sinner Lady
  55. Mingus--Changes Vol I & II
  56. Pat Metheny--Watercolors
  57. Pat Metheny/Lyle Mays--As Falls Witchita...
  58. Pat Metheny--80/81
  59. Pat Metheny Group--Letter From Home
  60. Joni Mitchell--Shadows & Light
  61. Joni Mitchell--Don Juan's Reckless daughter
  62. John McLaughlin w/ Shakti--Handful Of Beauty
  63. John McLaughlin--Inner Mounting Flame
  64. John McLaughlin--Visions Of The Emerald Beyond
  65. John McLaughlin--Johnny McLaughlin Electric Guitarist
  66. John McLaughlin--To The One
  67. Roscoe Mitchell--Nine To Get Ready
  68. Roscoe Mitchell--Sound
  69. Thelonious Monk/John Coltrane
  70. Thelonious Monk--Live At the It Club
  71. Wes Montgomery--Full House
  72. Wes Montgomery--The Incredible Jazz Guitar Of
  73. David Murray Octet--Ming
  74. Old & New Dreams--Playing
  75. Old & New Dreams--Don Cherry/Dewey Redman/Charlie Haden/Ed Blackwell
  76. Art Pepper--Live At The Village Vanguard
  77. Dewey Redman--Ear Of The Behearer
  78. Emily Remler--Firefly
  79. Emily Remler--Catwalk
  80. Sam Rivers--Waves
  81. Sonny Rollins--East Broadway Rundown
  82. Sonny Rollins--The Bridge
  83. Sonny Rollins--Our Man In Europe
  84. Enrico Rava/Roswell Rudd/J.F. Jenny-Clarke/Aldo Romano
  85. Terje Rypdal--Chaser
  86. Terje Rypdal/Miraslov Vitous/Jack DeJohnette
  87. Terje Rypdal--Descendre
  88. Terje Rypdal & The Chasers--Blue
  89. Terje Rypdal & the Chasers-- The Singles Collection
  90. Pharoah Sanders--Journey To The One
  91. Archie Shepp--On This Night
  92. Archie Shepp--Four For Trane
  93. Alan Shorter--Orgasm
  94. Wayne Shorter--Super Nova
  95. Wayne SHorter--Moto Grosso Feio
  96. Wayne Shorter--Odyssy Of Iska
  97. Wayne Shorter--Adams Apple
  98. Steely Dan--Royal Scam
  99. Steely Dan--Aja
  100. Horace Tapscott--Aiiee...the Phantom!
  101. Cecil Taylor--Looking Ahead
  102. Cecil Taylor--Conquistador
  103. Cecil Taylor--Air Above Mountains, Buildings Within
  104. Gary Thomas--Till We Have faces
  105. Steve Tibbetts--A Man About A Horse
  106. McCoy Tyner--Reaching Fourth
  107. McCoy Tyner--Fly With The Wind
  108. McCoy Tyner--Atlantis
  109. McCoy Tyner--Greeting
  110. Miraslov Vitous--Infinite Search
  111. Miraslov Vitous--Mountain In The Clouds
  112. Vendermark Five--Free Jazz Classiscs
  113. Weather Report--Live In Tokyo
  114. Weather Report--Mysterious Traveler
  115. Weather Report--Heavy Weather
  116. Weather Report--Black Market
  117. Weather Report--Tail Spinnin'
  118. Eberhard Weber--Silent Feet
  119. Kenny Wheeler--Gnu High
  120. Kenny Wheeler-Widow In The Window
  121. Kenny Wheeler--Angel Song