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Linda Braceland

As a jazz pianist wannabe, Linda combines her passion for music, photography and writing with contributions to All About Jazz.

About Me

I grew up in a small town in upstate Pennsylvania listening to rock, playing piano, mostly classical, and oogling photos in National Geographic. My mother was a gifted pianist with little training but lots of style. She could turn any tune into a jazz number. But it wasn’t until I moved to Philadelphia in the early ‘80’s for college that I discovered jazz outside my parent’s living room. Philly’s great clubs drew me in. When I married my jazz guitar playing husband my life turned into a series of jazz concerts and a killer CD collection that rotates daily on our sound system. As an adult, I tried my “hand” at playing jazz piano, with mixed results. It takes a special talent to create the right sound. Although I love all kinds of music, a great jazz pianist can make my heart sing. I have also written many things over the years, including book reviews, articles as well as short stories and books. It is with great pleasure that I turn my writing abilities towards music. My appreciation for great photographs has turned into a passion for taking photos of this amazing world. I especially enjoy performance photography where I try to capture a mood, an expression, or a creative move. I met Vic Schermer, AAJ reviewer, at a show with local jazz guitarist, Chuck Anderson. I was taking photos and Vic was writing the review. He liked my shots and with that I became a contributing photographer to AAJ. I am excited about the opportunity to work with All About Jazz as a contributing photographer and reviewer. I look forward to a long term relationship.

My Favorites

  1. Patricia Barber - the Cole Porter Mix
  2. Miles Davis - Sketches of Spain
  3. Pat Metheny - Imaginary Day
  4. Stan Getz - The Lyrical Stan Getz
  5. Karrin Allyson - Ballads
  6. Freddie Hubbard - Red Clay
  7. John Coltrane - Standards