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Franz von Chossy

Franz von Chossy

About Me

Franz von Chossy (Munich, 1979) graduated “Summa Cum Laude” from the Amsterdam conservatory in 2006. He also studied at the Manhattan School of Music with amongst others Kenny Barron, Garry Dial, Dave Liebman and Kenny Werner. In addition, while living in New New York, Franz studied film composition with Edward Green. His music covers a broad musical spectrum that includes classical as well as modern elements but always with respect to the jazz tradition. Within his detailed arrangements there is always a strong melody from which everything arises. Yet there is enough space for each individual musician to wander... This combination makes the music organic and easily accessible for the listener without being shallow. Moods swing from subdued to exciting. It is emotional music, which sings, narrates and creates strong images. Quite rightly Von Chossy won the Dutch Jazz Competition with his trio in 2006, because of its 'original, dynamic and often virtuosic (inter)play'. Moreover, Franz also won the "Best Soloist" award in this competition for his 'subtle, spatial and personal play'. In 2009, he won 2nd prize in the international Montreux Jazz solo Piano Competition. Von Chossy has performed throughout Europe and the US as well as in Asia (India, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey) and Africa (Tunisia, Marocco) with his own trio, but also with bands like the Pascal Schumacher Quartet, Balkanopolis, Fidan, Tarhana, the Paul Wiltgen 5tet, in which he is highly valued for his virtuoso ensemble-playing. Together with award-winning Dutch bass player, Clemens van der Feen and Luxembourg drummer Paul Wiltgen, he brings a fresh sound to the trio. Wiltgen, who has been touring with jazz icons like Kurt Rosenwinkel, brings the necessary rhythmical subtlety. Van der Feen, who is one of the few musicians who received their masters degree with honours in both jazz and classical music, won several jazz awards, including first prize at the Capbreton Bass Encounter in 1999 (France), Best New Talent Award in the 2001. He adds a very personal sound to the trio, due to his perfect bowing technique and his broad musical knowledge. Franz says of the latest CD, Pendulum, “musical beauty can only sound profound if its counterpart plays an equally important role in the music. Without this dark side, for me real beauty cannot exist... I try to create a balance within these opposites. My mother inspired me with her image of an infinitely long pendulum swinging slowly but powerfully from brightness to darkness, touching all shades between... You cannot see the top of the pendulum, but that is where art is originating.” PRESS ON Franz von Chossy "Pendulum" (EtceteraNewRecords) is a very special cd. This not because the leader Franz Von Chossy graduated with full honours at the Amsterdam Conservatory in 2006 and won the Dutch Jazz competition in the same year. Neither is it because he plays refined, cerebral music with countless subtly varied repetitions or because he has written all but one compositions himself, but because he has chosen a new road that Dave Brubeck can be jealous of and that Bill Evans, if he still were alive, would be madly envious of. He creates a new middle way between jazz and classical music that leads to infinite horizons and that can be rightly called New Third Stream, without the artificiality of the late fifties and early sixties, but with a natural, straightforward and modern flow. It is a small masterpiece, construed with the aid of Clemens van de Feen, who plays the double bass in such a clear and firm way that it sounds like a violincello, and of drummer Paul Wiltgen who brings the overall sound to perfection with cleverly, economically and perfectly placed percussion. The compositions "Falling Darkness" and "Northern Lights" are impressionist paintings that straightaway deserve a place in the Louvre Museum. Von Chossy also studied film music. Hopefully European jazz and improvisation music platforms make sure that this natural talent will not be swallowed up by the Hollywood industry, where he could end up, probably less happy, as a millionaire." Han Schulten, Jazzpress february 2010 "The ten own compositions are subtle but also very narrative that never get bogged down in miniature hassle. Sometimes the minimalist silence touching (Clash), sometimes poetic (Hummingbirds) or expressed enthusiasm" (The Kite Runner) (Telegraph) "No imitation", "musical genius" (Sena performers) "His themes are attractive and expressive" (Volkskrant) "Promising debut of promising winner" "Immediately all in the first issue shows the pianist heard a supporter to the fresh modern trend in which pop jazz and classical elements seamlessly integrate. All in the line of groups like EST plays swelling melodies and bombastic sounding chords." (NRC Handelsblad) "Von Chossy can play fast and shows some examples of it, without falling into a technical achievements. Bass and drums complete without intrusion. The music ranges from dreamy and serene to passionate, disturbing, or rhythmic and angular passionate. But always sounds an emotion. And that is what the music of Franz von Chossy Trio. " ( "Franz is one of Chossy very good pianist with a nice touch, a great harmonic richness and a keen sense of melody" Cultuurpodium December 2006 "Von Chossy is a formidable pianist, based on its own interesting compositions creates a wide range of spheres. He lets hear game ranging from impressionist to attractively bright (but lightly) swinging, resting on an impressive technology, a wealth of ideas and respect for the jazz tradition. "( "It is a varied whole, where both von Chossy` s warm and melancholic themes and solos such as the title track and documents Clash and November are interspersed with more spicy and funk-like compositions as The Kite Runner and Hummingbirds. The latter were in the distance little like Chris Potter `s Underground, the same energy and homogeneity among the musicians. Only the piano shines here instead of the saxophone." (Jazz Now in January 2007) "Franz von Chossy Trio, winner of the Dutch Jazz Competition, opened the evening with a great concert, with an additional entry for the drumming of the young Flin van Hemmen place. He plays very mature, subtle where needed and he feels well with the times requires extra power. The concentration and dedication Von Chossy plays piano, is occasionally reminiscent of his Norwegian colleague Tord Gustavsen, deeply bent over the keys so he appears occasionally in the wing would crawl. Melodic compositions too strong. " (Maarten van de Ven, "The small concerthall of the Amsterdam Concertgebouw was also the last seat taken for this trio with her impressive style of play to come listen. All five were found long pieces written by the leader comes in an incredible pace and were interpreted, which the audience between songs barely got time to catch his breath. The announcement in the program brochure was that this trio is often lyrical and restrained playing, and then to work towards a climax. This was indeed already in the opener "Better Days "completely true. Hameren performed piano, supported by Van Hemmen drums with sticks, it was much more powerfully performed, followed by a beautiful insert with Fasciani on bowed bass. Only after five minutes into the intro music started with the melodic and classic style theme. " (, Rolf Polak) " The German pianist Franz von Chossy is an upcoming talent that intuitively knows how to make beautiful melodies." (NRC Handelsblad)

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