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Sambossa's music evokes the sounds of the genre. Brazilian vocalist, Deliane Moriera, impressively interprets many of the popular female vocalists of bossa nova jazz and samba, and leaves one with the illusion that they are sitting in a virtual out door cafe in Ipanema or Itapoa or viewing the panorama from atop of Corcovado.

The accomplished musicians that surround her only further express Moriera's talents. David Souza, guitarist, executes flawless chordal arrangements and incorporates beautiful melodic accompaniment that compliments her vocal stylings. His playing abilities respectfully allure the nylon stringed masters such as Byrd, Almeida, Bonfa, and Powell whose influence becomes almost seamlessly interwoven throughout his musical expression.

And what would Gilberto or Jobim have done without the presence and sound of Stan Getz on Tenor Sax? What Getz brought to the movement, Gelberg brings to Sambossa. Soprano and tenor saxophonist, Larry Gelberg bridges the gap between rhythm and melody with his warm blend of improvisation. Through his lines and interpretations one travels through portals of time in Sambossa's rediscovery of the bossa nova jazz and samba movement.