Tony Guitar Copeland

Tony Copeland from the east side of USA delivers an exciting live performance.

About Me

Tony Copeland an “Ensound Music Award Nominee” and what some would call, “A Late Bloomer” to the music scene has been in here all along. As the quote goes, “No one can see the light, until it is turned on” ©2012tonycopeland. Tony was born and raised in Portsmouth VA aka, P-Town. His freedom for the love of music began very early after his parents purchased his first guitar at age 1. His mother Velma (deceased) consistently kept him and his seven siblings in church while his father Floyd, was hard at work providing for his family. This (The Church) is where Tony honed his skills as a self taught musician. He learned to play lead guitar, bass guitar and drums respectfully. He joined the William E. Waters Jr. high band where he taught himself to play French horn. There were several other musicians in his community who inspired him as his love for music grew deeper with time. In a recent interview on blog radio Copeland as he is seldom referred to stated, “I was influenced and very much in awe of my musical peers who lived in my subdivision Cavalier Manor”. He also recalled how his childhood schoolmate and friend Cornelius “Neat” Grant could imitate Jimmie Hendricks and Ernie Isley on guitar note for note”. He also made mention that his best friend from the same community Tyrone Carter, (deceased) was an “A” list drummer along with the innovative guitarist and bassist Don Maddon. “I believe we were all child prodigies”. Tony also stated, that as a boy he would drool while he watched renowned local band “Third World” as they rehearsed in their garage before a big show on one block, then jump on his bike and race to the next block to watch “Lock Stock and Barrel featuring Jett Wright” his older cousin rehearsing on a show in their garage. “I wanted to play with them so bad states Tony that I would sometimes cry”. “However no one ever knew that “he quietly whispered. Tony also mentioned a conversation that he once had with Horne Avenue guitarist “Patch” Pittman, whom he respected; where “Patch” encouraged him to “play his own style of guitar from his heart” which is what Tony has done until this day.

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