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Charles Blass

Content strategist, producer, engineer. Radio veteran.

About Me

Charles programmed & hosted on WKCR ('Audio Gumbo') for over two decades and in the community is involved in production, engineering, management and promotion. He mixes jazz, experimental, global, folk, electronic, funk and hybrid fusions in his shows. Charles Blass is a music and content advisor. Charles is an experienced writer and Internet content developer. He has written liner notes for a number of albums and contributed to several books on music. Charles is the Founder and Director of Lovevolv, Inc, a not- for-profit arts & education company, and Co-Founder of the LiveWired Music network. Charles is based in Zurich, Switzerland, currently hosting two radio programs, 'Sun Radio' and 'Inner City Outer Space'. See submissions welcome sunradio [at]

My Jazz Story

I love jazz because... it's the spark of life. I was first exposed to jazz... dad's records (miles, bird, bix & bechet) + wkcr-fm new york I met ... sun ra The best show I ever attended was... [soo many] The first jazz record I bought was... sun ra live at montreux My advice to new listeners... open your heart & ears to adventure... sound is the elixir

My Favorites

  1. Sun Ra - Universe in Blue
  2. Jef Lee Johnson - Longing Belonging Ongoing
  3. Adam Rudolph - Both/And
  4. Miles Davis - On the Corner Sessions
  5. Brian Eno - On Land
  6. Jon Hassell - Fourth World Possible Musics Vol.One
  7. LaMonte Young - Theater of Eternal Music Big Band
  8. LaMonte Young - Well-Tuned Piano
  9. Complete works of Hariprasad Chaurasia