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composer, Mayoke Group band leader, drummer,singer.

About Me

NENAD Koo (drums, vocals) Born 19 January 1985th in Novi Sad. Upon completion of the basic music school - piano, I started teaching drums. Several years later, I have met the eminent professor drum Miroslav Karlovic by which knowledge I`ve discovered the roots of this rythmical instrument. My professional music career begins at the age of 18. Berklee Collegge of Music named me among the best drummer in the school summer Perudi 2005th Composing and arranging record every inspiring moment of mine. Currently I am at final year at the Drama Academy in Novi Sad, the direction of the recording and sound design. Performed with: Dortmund Big-Band (cond. Uwe Platt), Goth Institute Big-Band (cond. Peter .... Herbolzmeier) Ns Brass Orchestra (cond. Fedor Vrtacnik), Peruggia-Berkllee ensemble (cond. MarkWhite), Ballet Language plays''walls'', Igor Molnar Quartet, Interplay, Mayoke Group ....

My Favorites

  1. Gary Willis - Actual Fiction
  2. Scott Kinsey - Kinestetics
  3. Tribal Tech - Rocket science