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Colette Wickenhagen

Dutch jazz singer with a warm sensual voice.

About Me

Trained as a dancer, singer, actress & entertainer. Review: "... Still, while performing she gives a lot more than just a professional show; she gives herself. That enormous physical expressiveness, the willingness to throw herself deeply into a song, the art of swingingly taking in tow a full concert hall, is part of her being. From the top of her head to the tip of her toes she ?music...." (Jan Rensen.) 1990 - Won the Polaroid Award & Soloist Award. 1992 - Won the Breukelen Jazz Award. 1994, her first solo cd: "the Kick of the Blues" was brought out and later that year she also sang on the Big Band Nijmegen cd: "Retrospective". In 1994 I toured through Bahrain and Kenya. In 1997 I did a project with the Royal Dutch Airforce Orchestra in Holland, Germany & Spain. In 2000 I was a guest on the cd "Swing Time!" from the band Captains of Mainstream. In 2001 I sang on the cd "Summer Sessions 2001". In 2002 I was a guest on the cd "A Living Legend" from the saxophone legend Harry Verbeke. In 2002 a new summer project with the Royal Dutch Airforce Orchestra in The Netherlands. In 2003 my new cd was released with Clous van Mechelen playing the saxophone: �Songs for Sale�. Record label: Munich Records, BMCD 341. Would love to make a recording with Blue Note. Would love to sing with Al Jarreau! Purchase this CD at

My Jazz Story

I love jazz because it gives me absolute freedom to express myself. I was first exposed to jazz as a baby! My dad loved and played jazz. I strayed a little, training as a musical singer, but at the age of 25 I returned to my first love! Jazz!!! I've been singing it ever since.The freedom, the improvisations, the creating on the spot, the immediate influence of the musicians you play with. I wouldn't have it any other way!!! Just love jazz...