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Glenn Nolle

Glenn Nolle is no style and yet ALL styles!

About Me

I began playing at around age 8 and just didn't realize the commitment that it took to play well until I was exposed to Hendrix. He had big tone and it opened my eyes up to possibilities. I liked "in your face" and from there I gravitated toward people who were doing exciting things with guitar like Alvin Lee and Johnny Winter. My parents supported my quest for knowledge and I studied with the absolute best! Look up the names William Clydesdale, Jerry Conderato, Joe Negri and you'll see how badass these cats were and still are as is the case with Joe. Later I became aware of Al DiMeola and McLaughlin and turned up the fire by embracing fusion and these guys were the true pioneers of shred! I did my share of studio work, played with contemporary bands, toured, played with orchestras etc... It is life! I teach and that pushes me to play better as well and maintain a high performance level. I've also practiced and mastered several forms of martial arts which have bled discipline and drive into my music thru the years also. My recent release of "Night" has been recieved well and there will be another to follow soon!