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Gokul Salvadi

I am a Carnatic Vocal Artist, Composer from India.

About Me

I am a Carnatic singer turned a composer. I write music for media, like TV and adfilms. I started Carnatic with violin when I was 14. Then learnt music under Palani Shri Lakshmi Narasimman, who inspired me to explore the world of music. I was interested in my experiments with technology since the pre virtual music era. I write my music, and produce them. Though I am a singer by training, I love (Victor Hugo) ”Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent”. This is the source of inspiration for the kind of music I create.

My Jazz Story

I love jazz because, it always resembles, touches my soul by its spontaneous creativity. I started as a Carnatic vocalist, a south Indian classical music which predominantly focus one spontaneous creativity in music. Jazz is the genres that resembles Carnatic. And, I believe such a creativity is all about music.