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Dominic Fragman

Dominic Fragman is a New York City based Regal Tip artist and percussionist

About Me

Dominic Fragman is a percussionist and perpetual student of the arts based in New York City. He has studied drumming and composition under master drummer, Paul F. Murphy and iconic pianist, Dr. Cecil Taylor. Fragman was involved in the production of Murphy's latest album with pianist Larry Willis, Foundations. He also authored an entry on Murphy for the 2013 edition of Oxford University Press's Grove Dictionary of American Music. He is currently performing and touring with Sony/Okeh saxophonist, James Brandon Lewis. He is a Regal Tip Calato artist and has performed at the Jazz and Wine of Peace Festival, Salerno Jazz Festival, So What's Next Festival, Madrid Jazz Festival and the Jamboree Jazz Club Festival.

My Favorites

  1. Miles Davis - Miles in Berlin
  2. John Coltrane - Live In Japan
  3. John Coltrane - Interstellar Space
  4. Paul Murphy & Larry Willis - Foundations