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Peter Bray

A musician and gamer trying to support the latter with the former

About Me

I'm a musician from Essex who has been gigging and teaching for the last 5 years. I studied at Havering College where I got my HNC and BA (Hons) in Music Performance and Technology 2:1. The people i met there have long been friends and collaborators in projects since including some to this very day including playing for Mike Hough at the Indig02. I write Jazz/Funk groove based music for my trio and will post gigs or information on recordings as they happen on here. I currently teach guitar and bass from my home in Ingatestone, write and record music that I either gig or submit to music publishing companies for synchronization with T.V and Movies.

My Favorites

  1. Wayne Krantz - Your Basic Live
  2. Hiromi's Sonicbloom - Time Control
  3. Screaming Headless Torsos - 1995