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Grant Izmirlian

My Jazz Story

I love jazz because... it is the classical basis for all pop music it is the medium whereby sound, personal experience, group participation and creativity conjoin-- it is the perfect balance of structure and freedom I was first exposed to jazz... when my cousin, a teenage piano student, came back from her lesson with her first "jazz" book. It had a picture of an older black gentleman wearing some kind of official hat -- like a police hat or military hat or something-- I think he was marching in a parade She explained in her own words what jazz meant to her-- it sounded very exciting. Then later when I was a student of clarinet it 6th grade or so I brought home a bass clarinet to experiment with. I recorded "When the Saints Come Marching In" on our old cassette deck and add libbed fills with the Bb Clarient. The first time I was really rivetted with the jazz experience was listening to a tenor player, Paul Demarinis, who would become my teacher, with a piano,drums and bass combo, at a local community college The first jazz record I bought was... Bird Encores, Volume 2 My advice to new listeners... keep listening...try to become as active a listener as you can