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Matt Caponigro

Matt Caponigro is a jazz pianist looking to establish himself in a world of greats, to create art through passion.

About Me

I am a jazz pianist, a feeler, a channel through which passion flows; I am a music fanatic. I started conducting in the crib, and started playing piano at age 6. I've attended Interlochen Center for the Arts (to study piano) for 4 summers, and have played in various jazz ensembles for 6 years. I've accompanied nearly 20 people in multiple events over the past 3 years, and have played at Christmas parties, Graduation parties, wine tastings etc. I'm an up-and-starting entrepreneur building up the premier piano playing business in South Bend, Jazz if UP!, and I want to help make your event special, memorable, and jazzy! I want to share my music with the rest of the world, to join in the beat of the world. That is, among other things, something worth being a part of... Peace, Matt See for more information