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Your Favourite Records was founded in 2005 by pianist Lars Winther. Originally just planning to release his own albums, Lars soon realised that as he had a flair for all the different elements an album release consists of, he might as well help other hard-working artists release their music - after all, there's too much great music to play it all yourself. Your Favourite Records is distributed physically through Denmarks largest CD wholesaler, GDC (, and digitally through The Orchard ( If you're a distributor, looking for new partners, don't hesitate to contact us Your Favourite Records has no specific genre-profile; the only requirement for a release is high quality and hard-working, engaged musicians. However, in 2009 the sub-label Your Favourite Jazz was established to handle, ehh, the jazz-releases. Artists and bands are welcome to send us their material. Please start by sending us an email with a brief description and a link (no audio!), and we'll let you know how we'd prefer to recieve your material.